Saturday, June 24, 2017

"If I'm facing this way than North is in front of me. Your North is different because you're facing that way."

As far as friendships go, I admire this one between Sarah Ryan and Lauren. I love how they take care of one another, cheer one another on and support one another being 100% themselves. 

This morning was a camp classic: Enoch.

Did you know I get to live with Enoch? I'm the luckiest.

Saturday mornings are all about good-byes. Honestly, I used to have such a harder time saying good-bye to campers at the end of each Session, but I've learned that people who want to stay in touch will make it happen. You can be present in people's lives even when they live miles and miles away.

There was an epic reunion this morning when I got to spend time with BOTH Fazzio sisters and BOTH Odle sisters. Lives overlap my friends, lives overlap.

Session 1 CILTs-- thank you for the past two weeks. I have loved getting to know you, see you in action, and live the dream with you. I'm so proud of how you've grown and have such faith in all that you will do.

I miss you all already. We'll stay in touch my friends. Can't wait to see you in December.

Friday, June 23, 2017

"Did they add a new verse to Tecumseh?!"

The CILTs spent the morning writing their graduation song that they'll perform at Closing Campfire tonight. 

To Count On Me by Bruno Mars

If you ever find yourself in the middle of the Richard G, I'll gladly be your buddy
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark of the OT, I'll shine a light to guide you
We found out what we're made of, when we did RFAJWD
Singin' what a time to be alive at Camp T

Session One is Session Fun
We wish we had more than two weeks together
Cause there's no place I'd rather be oh yeah
Ooooh oooh ooh yeah

If you ever find yourself makin' a real solid meme, I'll grab the sword to knight thee
You might have noticed there's a new CILT color around, cause grey is the new brown
We found out what we're made of, 4 Pillars helped us gain some grit to lead
Singin' what a time to be alive at Camp T

Session One is Session Fun
We wish we had more than two weeks together
Cause there's no place I'd rather be oh yeah
Ooooh oooh ooh yeah

Wish God could grant us more time by your sides
We have to let go, have to say good bye
So we all sing what a time to be alive

Session One is Session Fun
We wish we had more than two weeks together
Cause there's no place I'd rather be oh yeah
Ooooh oooh ooh yeah

Thank you for the best years of our lives

Did you know that all of these girls had been Kristin Gleason's campers in the past? Neither did I. But what an incredible crew of humans.

Last week we played Pickleball with J. This week we played basketball with Kyle. It's the summer of sports.

It's Disco Night at Tecumseh...

My favorite part of the whole day was easily the end of Trading Post time when I was with this crew of CILT girls in Main Field. They started singing Fix My Eyes and it turned it into a singing and dancing songfest right there by the tetherball court.

I will miss these girls-- they're phenomenal and so much fun.

We practiced the song on the porch again. This is my favorite setting for the CILTs to sing it together because it's just for them and they're just being silly and loud and it's so good.

We joined the Horse Parade to Closing Campfire...

And found a seat at the far side of the benches. I'm so thankful for this whole CILT family.

Molly Henry is here! And so is her niece Reagan!

A huge shout out to the Camp T media team for capturing our memories and supplying us with the most pictures we could ever want...

Thursday, June 22, 2017

"I think I have a tear in my eye I'm so happy-- we're doing our grocery shopping while our dinner is cooking. This couldn't be more efficient."

Walking into chapel like...

Kendall is here for three whole weeks and I'm just pumped about it. Since she's on crutches she always gets to all camp chapel early and we get to chat a bit before everyone else rolls in. 

Look at all those steps!!!!

This morning the CILTs hike the Man Hike Trail, we couldn't get all the way through to the Gish, and boy did we have fun.

We climbed over logs, sunk in mud and hiked up a hill. Though we were dirty, we were mighty.

Sean was the MVP of the morning. When Grace lost her croc in a mud pit, Sean went in after it. He had his arms in the mud past his elbows trying to find her lost shoe.

Safe and sound back in the Riv, we did Human Barometer together for the last time this Session. It's such a valuable piece of what we do and I hope that we each realize something we can work on immediately. I also hope it helps us keep the mindset that what we do matters, that others notice and that we can always improve.

We got some quality Lulu hang out time in before lunch this morning when all the Riv kids returned from clinics.

Got some quality shallow end time in at the Richard G this afternoon. Nothing like scoopin' sand, finding rocks and digging out clay, am I right?

This is Lorena. She turned 12 yesterday. She's going to be in the Clubhouse next year and we're pumped about it.