Sunday, September 16, 2018

"If anyone has a dream of becoming an organist, let me know!"

Highs of the Weekend:

1. Spontaneous Portillo's cheeseburger and fries with Justin

2. Friday night with Nicky-- playing tennis and basketball, Dairy Queen treats and watching Wonder till we all fell asleep

3. Saturday morning bagels with Maddie, Tatum and Rose-- I really love hanging out with these Wyld Life girls

4. For the first time this year I had the whole afternoon to myself-- leisurely ran some errands, watched a Netflix movie, cut string so I can jump back on the friendship bracelet band wagon, took a run

5. Spent Saturday night with Mollie Krone and Taylor Swift at the Reputation Tour

Taylor Swift is the Queen. She is the greatest performer possibly ever. I'm such a fan.

6. We took Nick to Bethlehem UMC Sunday morning and stopped for Jack's Donuts on the way home before he got picked up

7. Surprised Justin and took him to the largest Bounce House in America-- we had a blast

8. Bethlehem's Annual Ice Cream Social in the yard of the church-- we've been going for a month and love these people

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

"I pictured a lava lamp."

The first Wyld Life Campaigners of the year!!!! Our leaders were so excited. 

The kids were so excited. 

Rebecca was so excited.

There was no way we wouldn't have an awesome night together.

Adult and HS leaders met together first-- we talked about our testimonies and how it's not the "story of your calendar" but the "story of your soul." We thought through some questions and started thinking about sharing our stories in our teams.

For the first time, we're going to have a rotating Campaigners location all year. This week we were at Sophie Sam's house and we took over the cul-de-sac and street as kids arrived. It looked like we were having a block party.

I love the start of any event when friends reunite and leaders greet their kids with hugs. Everyone belongs here.

Brad and Justin are leading Seniors and 8th grade guys together and they're pumped about already having a year of friendship with these dudes.

Everyone squeezed together down in the basement... the space is huge but there are a lot of us. 

We're singing along to music videos of worship songs right now with words on the screen-- it actually worked so well last night.

In our small group teams we dove into the Bible together to learn more about what the Bible even is and some of the names that get used for the Bible like word of God, righteous law, instruction, lamp and light, mouth of God.

Tonight I was so proud of how Wash, Meric, Maddie, Mayson and Hannah directed and loved these girls-- they're mature and smart and becoming more confident in their faith.

I loved seeing these 8th grade girls be so excited to be here. They bring enthusiasm and questions and genuine care for one another. I love that we get to do this with them.

Caitlin, one of our adult leaders, posted this picture with some of her new 7th grade girls and leaders tonight and captioned it, "I have a feeling we're going to be great friends." She's so right and I'm so glad that this is a ministry built on relationships.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

"I thought she was going to be nice and just do a couple crackers but then she squirted the whole can on my face." WL is WILD Club

The first Wyld Life Club of the year. The Junior High kids have early been awaiting the first WL event at the Barn. The HS and adult leaders have been anticipating reuniting with kids and starting new friendships. And it seemed only fitting that the theme of the night would be WILD. 

It's been raining all weekend, but the weather didn't keep anyone away. The kids started arriving by the van-load 20 minutes before the night even began.

There were so many old faces, like kids we went to Michindoh with last summer, and a whole lot of new 7th graders too.

Everyone came in WILD costumes but Kathryn's King Crab costume has to be the winner.

Everything was WILD. We played Switch, Change, Rotate and got all mixed up as our trains ran all over the basketball court. In Everybody's It, everyone was tagging everyone until there was only one person left.

We got over 100 kids and 30 leaders together for our first group picture of the year...

But then made sure every kid had a place to belong on a team with leaders who are excited to know them.

FCJH 7th Girls

HIJH 7th Girls

RJH & FJH Girls

8th Guys

7th Guys

HIJH 8th Girls

FCJH 8th Girls

We KICKED OFF the year by KICKING OFF our shoe to see how far across the gym it could fly.

Then we competed in blowing up balloons until they exploded by popping in our face.

And last but not least, friends stuck oyster crackers to their friends face by using spray cheese and it was just as disgusting as you can imagine.

Bailey and Taylor were in it to win it and had no qualms about covering Taylor's entire face.

Justin gave the Club Talk tonight-- he told us what we can expect at Wyld Life and 4 WILD facts about Jesus.

Then everyone broke up into small groups with a leader and got to talk more about the Club Talk and start building those friendships. It was an incredible sight to look around the gym and see every kid plugged in and engaged with a leader.

After everyone had gone home the leaders moved the party to DQ with ice cream cones and french fries. They guys are the best. I'm so thankful for this team.