Tuesday, May 22, 2018

"She needs an Etsy shop immediately."

These are a few of my favorite things:

The best pen pal letters from Smelko with the coolest surprises inside like these lyrics from Justin and my first dance song. 

A school day lunch with Hools, Genna and Han cause they're home from college for the summer!

A surprise gift box in the mail from Haley who runs the Vintage Oaks Barn where we had our reception. This was totally unnecessary and so special and cool.

The end of the year means 8th grade art teacher caricatures that we hang up in our classrooms-- 99% of mine are featuring my wedding dress and new last name.

Wilderness is coming. Both girl trips are full and I can't wait for these 28 girls to have this experience out in the mountains. We talked about it at a parent meeting last night and now I'm even more anxious to get there.

Ellen Baker is the coolest. I opened my mail yesterday to find this whole set of stationary that she designed just for me. I'm flipping out about it.

p.s. School is almost out!!!

Monday, May 21, 2018

"I'm just so thrown. Wow you love people love me. I actually cried real tears and I'm not a crier." YL Senior Night


Our last Young Life event of the year is always a celebration of our graduating Seniors. The consistent week to week kids are there and we're always excited to see Seniors that have been busy with sports or other stuff but make it back for this event. 

We have graduating Seniors sit in a panel upfront and ask them questions-- the audience chose from this list this year:

1. What is one thing you would NOT want to see changed in our Young Life club?
2. How has your time in YL prepared you for next year and beyond?
3. Because of Young Life and your faith, how are you or your life different from now you expected to be at the end of High School?
4. What was it that helped you best connect in Young Life?
5. Describe one of your best YL camp experiences (YL, WL or Wilderness).
6. Was there anything in YL that made you feel uncomfortable or discouraged?
7. What did you find to be most encouraging thing about YL?
8. What was a YL Club that you’ll never forget?
9. What advice would you give to your younger self about getting involved?
10. How do you hope HSE Young Life and Wyld Life are different 4 years from now?

Juniors-- celebrating Isaiah's birthday and ready to be Seniors.

Sophomores-- with a whole slew of potential WL leaders for next year.

Freshmen-- a force of enthusiasm and curiosity this past year.

Wyld Life-- we love these kids and can't wait for the 8th graders to be part of YL next Fall.

Alumni-- they just keep coming back because this place is always home.

It was our second year of this tradition-- a giant sheet of paper on the wall behind each senior. We fill up the space with adjectives that describe that person and the impact they've had on all of our lives. 

We end the night by praying for our Seniors and sending them off with all of our support, love and encouragement. We've got so much faith in you and what God has for you ahead.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

"You could make avocado toast with that bread." Farmer's Market and Wyld Life

Saturday mornings are for Farmer's Markets...

Reunions with the greatest, waffles, donuts, egg rolls, chips and quac, bread, dreaming about trips to Texas and running into friends.

Saturday nights are for Wyld Life Club...

6th graders

7th graders

8th graders

Club outside so we could run around and have screaming races and play silly games with buckets of water...

And eat popsicles during the Club Talk.