Monday, May 30, 2016

"This is my leader! I'm going to climb a mountain with her!"

Dear CILTies,

Today Rachel, Jacob, Hannah and Chloe helped me work on a little project for you. It was one of those brainstorms that we made happen right away and I'm so excited about it. Thanks to Rach being a videographer, you'll get to view the finished product later this summer. 

Dear YL gal pals,

I loved brunching with you this morning. Thanks for letting me be part of your summer. I can't wait to go to camp with you at the end of this summer at TWL. Linnea you're going to kill it in France. 

Dear KCraig,

God bless surprise run-ins in the middle of Target. Thanks for being one of my best friends. There's no one else I'd want to spontaneously walk through the aisles of Target with on Memorial Day. What will I do without you all summer long?

p.s. KCraig is laughing, not crying, in this picture

Dear Andritsch kids,

Climbing up to your new tree house was the bomb. I'm so excited for all the adventures you'll have, clubs you'll create and stories you'll tell up there. I can't wait to see how you all paint your wall inside. Good luck with the sister bucket list for the summer Fudge and Grace.
p.s. State is Friday-- good luck!

Dear Indians at Victory Field,

It was the $1 concessions that got me through the gates tonight, but the sports were great too. I'm glad that Audrey and Ellyn cheered for Garcia in the outfield all night long and that he accepted the facebook friend request after the 9th inning.

Arie and Wolf Dancer are Indy-enthusiasts at this point so they taught us all about batter-up songs and turning your hat inside out when it's time for rally. It was no surprise that Ellyn and Audrey made it on the big screen for their sister dance moves.

Ellyn and I have never been to a professional sporting event together-- so thanks for helping us check that off the bucket list. You were the start to our 4th summer together. Maybe Ellyn's framed ticket from the game will go up on Choctaw's wall.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer: the season of freedom

For the first time in the last six years, I will be experiencing "normal" summer for a few days. Tecumseh doesn't start for another week so I'll be bopping around Fishers. Without pop stop, cabins, lake time, hoppers and cabins life looks very different in the summer.

Highs of the First Day of Summer:

1. Breakfast at Patachou with Hannah and KCraig

2. Cinnamon toast straight from heaven 

3. Pool day at the Halkyard's with Maddie and Mel
4. Dinner at Bub's in Carmel with Line and Maddie
5. Swanton running outside to say hi and totally making my day then seeing the whole Mernitz family down the street

6. Adventuring on the Monon with the gal pals

7. Detours to see the home of the Mat Snatcher's, Flowing Well Park, my old YL Club spot, ice-cream and a geocache

Summer in the real world. I can do this. See ya' in a week Tecumseh.

Friday, May 27, 2016

"Rocky's a service animal--she's allowed anywhere."

Thursday was the last day of school for the kids at the Clubhouse. The day was filled with awards in the morning, signing yearbooks, episodes of Survivor, notes from kids and good-byes. Remember how I gave rock notes to my Love Does girls on Monday? At the end of the day Kailyn, Izzy, Claire, Gabby and Brynn surprised me with a rock covered with notes. I love these kids.

To celebrate the (almost) end of school, Ellyn and I met up at Mellow Mushroom to celebrate. We at pizza out on the patio, talked about camp, the new international counselors and everything we're looking forward to.

Friday after I finished school for real I met up with Emma and Maggie for a late lunch. Emma has a bet going with her mom so she brought her own lunch. God bless.

Maggie returned home to help me with the giant YL letters. We measured together and then worked together to paint on all the stripes. 

Now we just need to break these guys out at YL camp later this summer. 

Love ya Mags-- if we were in the Baby-Sitter's Club you'd be the Mary Anne to my Kristy. 

Friday night we held a Pre-Camp Pizza Party for all of the Wyld Life kids headed to Clearwater Cove in just two weeks. We had a pretty good turn out and kids were excited to meet leaders.

This was also the first full day of summer for these kids so they couldn't be any happier.

We played Robot Master, Camp Trivia and won prizes of things we'll need for camp.

Wyld Life is going to Clearwater Cove in Missouri this year for the first year ever. This summer is the grand opening of Clearwater Cove which is awesome because no one has been there yet.

This is the first time I'll be missing Wyld Life Camp with HSE. Goodness, I'm really going to miss being there with these kids and leaders. I can't wait to see pictures and hear stories of their adventures.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer 2016-- here we come

Anticipation has always been one of my favorite emotions. I read once that you get to experience all things twice--once when you're thinking about all that is to come and then a second time when it actually happens. I'm always looked forward to things-- as a child I couldn't wait for counselors to arrive for staff training, in college I couldn't wait for SIB Rush and NME, at FCJH I can't wait for field trips but mostly I'm always looking forward to summer.

With our new special edition FBC summer tanks, I asked some of my fav kids what they're anticipating this summer. Andy Warhol says, "The act of waiting for something makes it more exciting."

McKenna: Swimming with friends, camp with awesome leaders, warm weather

Claire: Wyld Life Camp, my neighbors' week long Bounce House party, water balloon fights and water gun wars

Katie: Wyld Life camp, sleeping in, being able to pick up a bunch of new hobbies

Brynn: Summer camp, helping out at VBS, pool days

Taylor Pozz: Summer nights, concerts, adventures with my friends

Meric: Spending more time with my friends, school volleyball starting back up, Nationals

Maddie Halk: Young Life camp, water skiing, no school

Brookie: Camp Tecumseh, Hawaii, sleepovers/tubing/adventures/water balloon fights with Bethany and Louise

Cecilia: Young Life Camp and Camp Tecumseh, going to my grandparents house at Canandaguia Lake, surprise family vacation

Hope: Lake parties, campfire, Sunday morning water skiing

Lulu: Being able to run in the morning in Florida while watching the sunrise, taking my hammock wherever I visit, year 2 of my dad coming to YL camp with us

Elise: Traveling, YL camp, going to the pool

Hailey: Catching up with old friends, jammin' out at summer concerts, 13 mile bike rides to get Handel's ice cream

Emily: Braids, friends, dogs

Julia: Day Camp, climbing a freaking mountain during Wilderness with my people, country concerts and lake days

Caroline: YL Camp, no homework, having fun with friends

Line: Summer adventures, boat days, YL Camp

Sar: CILTs 2016, living the Wilderness dream, YL Camp at Timber Wolf Lake with my gal pals

Fudge: Sailing Camp, Nashville, summer training with my team

Grace:Camp Crosley, tubing on the lake, Nationals in Orlando

What are you anticipating