Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"It's your last Tuesday in Junior High EVER."

While many of you are on summer vacation at this point I am still happily waking up at 6 am and going to work to mold young minds. We have three more days of school, one meeting of the FBC, one special surprise, one awards ceremony, one more bible study, and several good-byes. The end is so bittersweet isn't it? Come Friday the eighth grade girls will be crying in the hallways wishing they could do it all over again. We'll enjoy it while it lasts. 

Last week I started doing "challenges" with one of my students.  One of her tasks was to draw a caricature of me after she heard that's the eighth grade art project. Isn't this awesome?

(The thought bubble says "Miss Wright..." "Yes, you can sign out Mikaela," because she signs out everyday.") I love it.

Tonight I didn't have any plans. It was glorious. I skyped with Annie about all the things we have in common while I finished a bracelet (braceleting is an addiction at this point).

Sar and I got dinner together and we made up the lives of all the people eating in Chipotle with us. I feel like I know all of those strangers so well now.

Back at home I dove into the long process of getting ready for camp. I couldn't handle all the facebook statuses like, "CAMP JUST GET HERE ALREADY, I'M SOOOO ANTSY PANTSY" anymore and had to join in the packing.

Many hours, a trash bag, two hours of the Bachelorette, and a much lighter room later I feel like I've made significant progress. Talking to Sarah Mooney, Emily, and Annie just makes me ready to get started. I'm really, really excited.

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Don't give up... Just take breaks." -Ellyn

We really like Ellyn's overalls (she's ready for overall week) and Molls and I wanted to pose like her.

This memorial day was a late-sleeping, outside-eating, Brunner-meeting, coffee-drinking, lots-of-talking, errand-running, humid-running, sweat-dripping, pool-jumping, Sar-talking, Ellyn-laughing, water-replenishing, bracelet-teaching, camp-talking, team-dinner-eating, nooma-watching, group-symphony-talking, ice-cream-eating, and Annie-skyping kind of day. Loved it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"You know what, I've been with these people almost the whole day by now." -Ky

This morning I was really glad I checked my phone during church. Normally that's probably not a good thing but today it was a message from Margaret Connelly saying she was driving through Indy! Margaret was my camper for the first time in 2006 and we've been pen-pals ever since. I love her heart, her friendship, and being able to keep talking with her as she grows up. We hadn't seen each other in over a year so this surprise visit was so fun.

Margaret joined our day with the Houghton and Nikcevich families. After she left she said, "I had so much fun. You have really great friends, they were awesome." She is so right. These people are awesome.

On this long weekend Sar and I had one goal- spend a lot of time with all of these people. So we spent the whole day doing a whole lot of sitting and eating and talking and playing--all things we do pretty well.

At the same time I was thinking about how Livvie is going to camp for High Ropes training today and that in just a week I'll be jumping into staff training and 10 straight weeks of Camp T-ness. But today wasn't about watching campers and leading activities and rushing to the lake or planning a devotion. Today we just got to hang out. So simple and so great.

My whole life, my summers have been camp-filled, which I really love, but I think having summer days like this would be really great. Days of sitting on porch swings, playing "Mother may I?", holding baby Rae, talking about fun questions, and appreciating air-conditioning after being in the hot sun.

A Porch Interview

What do you wish you could have told your 16-year-old self?
Annie- I would tell myself you can have more positive influence over people than you realize.
Linda- Don't take yourself too seriously. Everything isn't as big of a deal as you think it is.
Sarah B- Don't date Garret. College is going to be better than this.
Kayla- Rebel more. Do crazier things.
Sarah W- The best is yet to come. You're doing great and you are more than enough just as you are.

What is something you think everyone should experience at least once?
Annie- International travel.
Linda- Disney World.
Sarah B- Putting someone before yourself--so going on a mission trip or being a YL leader.
Kayla- Going somewhere out of the country, like really different because you get a completely different perspective on culture.
Sarah W- Be a camp counselor.
Kylie- They should play Flick. I flick you, you flick me. Everyone just flicks someone else. You have partners, I have two partners.

How do you feel the most loved?
Annie- Service. Anytime someone does something for me. Gifts too. But they're very similar.
Linda- Quality time.
Sarah B- Time. Lots of time. Also, feeling understood.
Kayla- Either hand-written notes or quality time like being invited over and hanging out.
Sarah W- Time together and kind words either written or verbal.

Name something you're really proud of doing in the past year?
Annie- I moved next door to my sister.
Linda- Keeping the house clean and washing the drapes. I'm proud of the little things.
Sarah B- I'm excited I passed psychology.
Kayla- Graduating with high honors. That was good. It's over, it's done.
Sarah W- Planned and pulled off two CILT reunions.
Raelyn- I was born and endured surgery.
Jon- Making changes to spend more time with my kids.

What's your favorite baby name?
Kelsey- Towns
Sarah B- Linden, and I'd call her Lindy
Sarah W- Charlie
Annie- Wilson
Kayla- Maya

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Man, we're good at Saturday nights."

I woke up this morning and made a list of all sorts of things that I wanted to get done. I love when my to-do list is full of really fun tasks.

-Make my "All About Me" sign for my cabin this summer
-Collage Nat's journal
-Write a collage letter for my friend
-Make a Cold Tangerines promo for Mom
-Finish a friendship bracelet
-Write a camp chapter
-Blog about yesterday

I'm almost done, only a camp chapter to go. I like being productive.

Tonight I went to Mass with Alli Kenney. I've never been before and it was really cool to experience while Alli kept whispering what was going on so I would understand why the priest was throwing water and when we needed to stand up next.

I grew up at Delphi United Methodist Church, sang in the Green Cathedral in the summers, worshipped in Africa, attended Mars Hill in Michigan, and prayed in Dimnent at Hope. Isn't it awesome that God can be experienced everywhere? There are so many different ways to connect with God and I don't think there are really any rules about the right way to do this. For some people it's going to Mass and listening to the homily. For somebody else it's talking with a group of friends in Campaigners or devotions. And maybe it's just finding time to pray, read, and be still in the quiet of their room.

I got to eat dinner at Steak n' Shake with Sar tonight. We're good at just hanging out and not doing anything special but it's always fun. So we crafted and drank Diet Coke and went to a grad party and we're watching a movie and we get to do more hanging out all weekend which is really great because this is our last week as roommates. Sad. So for today, I'll take a deep breath (because taking deep breaths help you remember moments) and be thankful that right now I get to live with one of my very best friends.

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Cry to Jesus." -Ellyn's fav song

Miss DeBesse and I led bible study for the last time early this morning. I'm so thankful for the conversation we had with the girls today challenging everyone to walk the walk of all these things we have been saying we want to be about. I love this verse "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may know what is his good, pleasing, and perfect will," and pray that this summer we will be transformed. When we finished all of the girls pulled out notes they had written for both of us--it was so precious. Their words were the best thank you they could have given to us.

Tonight Coll and I went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom. We were waiting for Molls and Ellyn to get their when all of a sudden Shelby walked up. Best surprise ever! Oh how I have missed this friend. I love laughing with her.

Molls and Ellyn eventually arrived and we continued to all tell stories and laugh until we had to leave.

It feels like summer being with all of these friends.

Having them around makes it seem okay that there is still a week of school left. Shelbs had to leave and the rest of us went to meet Ellyn's mom to go to Keefer's graduation party.

There were mountains of cupcakes, Taylor Swift singing, camp friend reunions, and awkward pictures of younger Keefer.

Happy three-day weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Sarah Interview

Imagine you're sitting in a laundry room because there is a raging tornado outside, in your final moments you get to make one last facebook status. What is it?

Briggs: I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scott: I changed my mind, I do believe in tornadoes.
Wright: Live. Laugh. Love. 4 Life.

If you could only eat one thing forever and ever and ever what would it be?

Wright: Pepperoni pizza and Diet Coke. Easily.
Scott: Fruit salad and Diet Coke. I LOVE fruit salad.
Briggs: Tacos

If you had to do college over, totally differently what would you do?

Scott: I'm going to be a ninja and major in ninja-ing. I could be a camp ninja.
Wright: I'd create my own major so I could be a full-time camp counselor, author, artist, and youth pastor all at the very same time.
Briggs: I would go to a different school and be a photographer.

What's a book everyone should read and a movie everyone should watch?

Wright: Cold Tangerines and Soul Surfer
Briggs: Love Story and From Justin to Kelly
Scott: The History of Love and Baby Mama

Sarah (Scott)

I love that I got to play with Sarah Scott today because she is home from medical school for a bit.
I love that we got to road trip today because it's perfect for intentional conversation.

I love that Sarah couldn't get over how flat Indiana is. It's just so flat. You can see everything. Really, it's so flat.

I love that even though it was raining we walked/drove around camp to see the sights- the absence of the OC, the new DC pavilion, closing campfire, the Yurt, lake road, LV chapel, a salute to Teton, and Omaha.

Sarah Scott really loves Camp T. I love getting to talk about the years we were on staff together- all-camp serenades, stealing vacuum cleaners, snow cone machines, campers we still think are so great, and how we got to live the dream in Teton together.

One of Sarah's two goals for the trip was to stalk Kraft.  She's not ashamed, wait, should she be ashamed? But we found him and went to dinner with all the camp boys again. And then we got ice-cream but that's just what we do.

It started down pouring so we ducked into a Game store where we proceeded to hang out and ask questions from the back of game boxes and attempt to make funnel clouds and find things in a scrambled tube for awhile. There was a Dungeons and Dragons meeting going on in the back. Eric was enthralled.

I just really like hanging out with all of these people. Everyone should be so lucky to have friends that are really fun and kind of weird and generally positive and willing to do fun stuff most of the time.

I love that we played "Truth" on the way back to Indy. I think my YL girls in MI made it up on a Fall Weekend years ago- you just ask a question and then everyone has to answer it. Pretty simple. But tonight Sarah and I got to talk about real stuff and I loved it. She also told me I should start doing interviews on the blog- I think that's a great idea.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sara (McSoley)

I'm a really big fan of people named Sara(h) and tonight I got to hang out with a really hilarious one. We caught up, ate dinner, got fro yo, and were inspired by Etsy to create this chalk masterpiece.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

I miss the days of endless crafting, creating and talking with this girl. I'm so glad we got to catch up and play today.

p.s. Did you know she's coming back to work two weeks this summer?!

Oh my gosh. Summer is so soon.

I really like hype. I love anticipation. I think it's fun to have something to look forward to. Right now I feel like everyone is counting down the days till summer, I have 8 days of school left. In order to add to the building excitement I wanted to find out what my friends are looking forward to and took a survey. So many great things lay ahead for these people.

-I am excited because I get to spend a month in NYC. And I have graduation tonight! Lauren
-Baked oatmeal, bubble wands, and being able to relax. Grace
-I'm excited to explore the trails of Colorado with a backpack, a journal and Sam. To collage and write letters and get a Chaco tan line. To make bracelets for my Young Life girls and mountain bike and drink tons of lemonade. To get my new bright blue and green Patagonia knapsack dirty. To wake up late. To spend an entire month at Rockbridge surrounded by people who are on fire and sprinting after God's face. Allison
-I'm going on vacation in Italy and then coming home and finding a "real" job. Lily
-I'm excited to travel a ton and go to all of my camps. Also I'm excited to just relax and read on our big comfy couches in our backyard, and take long car rides while blasting country music, and I'm especially excited to enjoy my time without being stressed 24/7. Mac
-I'm excited to be cut off from civilization and living in the moment! I want to focus on things bigger than just myself. Sara
-I'm so excited to be in the company of people that rejoice in conversations about God and aren't afraid to be loud in discussions because they are in a place where they can feel comfortable in every word. I'm excited to sing "Blessed Be Your Name" in the Green Cathedral. Arielle
-Reading on the beach in Grand Haven, making fresh fruit pizzas, the sounds the woods make at night time, sitting outside to eat lunch at a restaurant, walking down the pier, iced coffee, mmm so many things. Casey
-Living on my own for the first time so I'm doing my own cooking, cleaning, and errands. I'm looking forward to becoming more independent. I'm going to take advantage of things in Bloomington that I didn't during the school year. Libby
-I have lots of free time to do fun and weird things and go on adventures like dress up in outfits, go on scavenger hunts, and take pictures with random people on the streets. Also, I'm going to dedicate part of my day over the summer in an elevator. Think of all the people you can meet in an elevator and all of the fun conversations you can have. I think it would be really fun to stand in the corner in an elevator facing the wall and see what people say. Emily
-I'm excited to help and play with children in the Dominican Republic on my mission trip! Ellie
-New friends, seeing old campers, and singing in the Green Cathedral. Oh and gettin down to business in the office. And Nike shorts everyday! Rachel
-I'm excited to sit on  my back porch and have honest and relevant conversations with campers and friends. Michelle
-I get to go to camp for four weeks, go to Florida with six of my best friends, and I'm graduating! Woo! Haley
-I get to eat fresh veggies from my garden. Mindy
-I'm excited for the sun, low stress, and my sister being home. Sarah
-Going for walks to get ice-cream and Young Life camp! Annie
-Europe, the birthday of my nephew, camping, NO MORE CLASSES EVER, Angela's wedding, and sunshine. Julie
-I'm excited to get my tan on, make a summer bucket list and then complete every task on it. Avery
-I'm excited to see kids create relationships with their cabin, counselors and others at camp. Seeing the looks of the kids and parents when they check in and check out makes you realize the impact that camp has on those who let it into their life. Adam
-I'm living in France for 8.5 weeks. Niki
-I'm most excited that the only thing I have to worry about is taking Geometry online. Most of my friends are home from college. I can finally complete redoing my room and I get to sleep more. Maddie
-I'm excited to try and live a little more stress free and not have to worry about school and SATs and all that jazz. I want to catch up on the many hours of sleep that I have lost this year. I want to go to my lake and RELAX with no worries from back home. Sydne
-I'm excited to make a wooden name tag at Camp Tecumseh. Meg
-To begin my mornings with 6am yoga, eat fresh fruit so succulent it makes my hands sweet. I am excited to run barefoot through the grass and lay out under the starry night sky, to dance in the warm rain and spend every minute laughing and smiling with my friends. Bridget
-I'm excited to make new friends both with DC staff and campers. AJ
-I get to spend time with friends and get to connect with them on a deeper level. Megan
-I'm finally doing things I love- Day Camp, soccer games, going to Africa, and seeing my true friends. Noelle
-With this year being my last summer at camp I'm excited to make it the best weeks I've ever had. I'm ready to make kids happy, change their lives, teach them about God and help out the first years as much as I can. I"m excited to try everything at camp one last time and remember it forever. I'm excited to see old friends I haven't seen in a year and be goofy and crazy without anyone caring. Camp is a home away from home that I will always remember. Paige
-I'm excited for the warm sun, the smell of freshly cut grass, and to see sinners be saved. Jake
-I'm excited about summer because I get to go home. I get to spend 20 hours a day with my best friends in the world and hang out with little kids. I get to run around and play and not worry about stupid, petty drama that my friends at home have. I get to sing and be crazy and play tennis with Annie and drink Diet Coke with you and Alli on the Longhouse porch and have Ellyn drive me around on the golf cart. I get to be paid (!!!) to go to camp. Colleen
-I'm excited for friendship bracelet tan lines. Maggie
-I'm excited for so many things. Getting to Wisconsin. Wearing v-necks and flip-flops. Midnight swims. Outdoor mass. Being the best version of myself. Camp food. No makeup. Seeing my friends in Minocqua. Family reunion. Ellie
-I'm excited because I get to go to a wedding on each side of my family, a college friend, and a high school friend. Summary: I get to see a lot of people I LOVE. Brenna
-Besides the ridiculous stress of Junior year being over, I'm really excited to go to Peru for two weeks with my school. I'm usually a major home-body, so it'll be a great way for me to grow, while being in an amazing place. I'm also excited for regular things of summer--popsicles, flip-flops, walks in the sunshine, and lazy days by the pool with friends. Rae
-I get to see my best friend, I'm recording my music, and I get to spend time where my heart always is, Camp Tecumseh. Eileen
-I'm excited to get to act like a total goofball and not have to worry about being judged and spend time with the people who know me best. Carolyn
-To play with kids and make up silly games. To have pee worthy laughs with some of my best friends. To spend weeks on end smiling and singing with campers. To live in an atmosphere full of love and acceptance. Emily
-When Braves come sprinting over to you after clinics to show you the friendship bracelet they made you. It's just knotted string but you'll treasure it all the same. They're just so proud of themselves and so proud to see you wearing it all week. Ali
-I'm most excited to return to camp after four long years because I can't wait to be in a place where it's acceptable and highly encouraged to walk around covered in mud. I'm excited to meet new people and float through the Tippecanoe River. Livvie
-Nannying and getting to explore the city, leading a Wyld Life cabin with Emily, and setting up my classroom! Mary Ellen
-I'm excited that I've had a few years off and have a better perspective. I'm pumped to work with the kids and feel like this is the first summer that their experience is my one and only priority. I'm excited to work with the CILT team to come up with amazing programs for said kids and of course to live in the Goose Nest, aka Yurt. Kraft
-I'm excited to spend my first summer in Nashville... and my first summer in the US in 5 years! I'm excited to have free time- time to reflect on my first year, explore the city, take walks, read and breath deeply for what seems like the first time since last July. Most of all I'm excited to get to know my classmates outside of the classroom. I'm excited about being intentional with my friendships. I'm excited to sit on a porch and have good conversations. We're going out West to camp and adventure and climb things and watch sunsets and basically be cowboys with a rental car. Really, the bottom line is that this is my last real summer, and I'm excited to live in the moment the best that I can. Sarah
-I'm excited to be at camp with my sister Michelle for two weeks. Camp is such a big part of both of our lives and I'm excited to be there with her for the first time in four years. Sarah
-I'm thrilled about strawberries being at their best. I can play with friends and family and go camping. Grace
-I can't wait for summer because I want to play outside and be with friends and family. Also I can play with my hula hoop. Mikaela
-Wilderness Ranch. Dom
-It's the last summer before college so I'm excited to meet as many new people as I can at camp and to keep in touch with my friends before I leave for college. Ellyn
-I'm excited for summer because I'll get to spend 10 weeks at Camp Tecumseh acting like a kid, with kids all day everyday. Mary
-I get to play outside with youngsters! Alli
-The warm weather which allows me to go to the beach and do activities outside. Tracy
-I'm excited to spend a week in Florida with two of my best friends to play volleyball, grill out, shop and soak up some sun. Annie
-I'm excited to (hopefully) get a job and set up my classroom. Kathleen
-Sweet corn, positive people, charcoal grilling and Captain John. Nick
-No homework, no drama and no unhappiness. I'm ready to take a break from the pressures of High School to constantly fit in and have a place. Claire
-Carefree sunshiny days with friends and family that I missed. Catie
-Making raspberry lemonade, going sailing, making friendship bracelets under the shade of Kampen, seeing all my camp friends like Annie, Annie, Molly, Bridget, Eileen, Colleen, Noelle, Sarah, Shelby, Mel and lots of others. Tina
-It's hard to put into words--I'm looking forward to the pure happiness that I get when I'm at camp. And am SO excited to be able to show my campers that kind of happiness. Chrissy
-So excited to have no homework and spend time with kids at camp. Annie

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Ok, your mission is to take a picture with a neighbor you don't know."

Today I couldn't believe it was the last Monday of the school year. "But that's sad," one of my students told me, "I'm gong to miss coming to school."

Today I got to write and reminisce about old camp memories that happened with Weeds and Sarah Scott.

Today I laughed with 7th graders and made up challenges just for fun.

Today I talked with some of my favorite people about everything from Nike shorts to Tecumseh footwear, and lime green cubicles to how flat Indiana is. I wish there was more time in the day so these conversations could last longer.

Today I found out that one of my old campers just got hired to be resident counselor at Tecumseh this summer. She is going to be fantastic.

Today I listened at my students' orchestra concert. I was incredibly impressed by a student that composed the featured song. Composed it. All of it. For a whole orchestra. He's in 8th grade. Amazing.

Today I was chosen as a "Teacher that Made A Difference" by three of my old students. They had written a bit about me and I wrote about each of them. I was so honored to be picked. It was a moment that made me feel like a real teacher. It is strange to think that I have become the Mrs. Long, Mrs. Deckard, and Mrs. Brettnacher of my own life for kids from my classroom.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Invest in people, live life well, pray often"

Six years ago I graduated from High School. When I left the girls that I was mentoring in my youth group were in 6th grade. Today they are getting ready for their own graduation and we celebrated their seniorness at church this morning. Even though it's not on a regular basis, we have stayed connected since I left through road trips, musicals and plays, cross-country races, Sundays at church, quilt camp, and summer camp.

Grace, Jordan and Grace have remained a major part of my thoughts and prayers and it's amazing to see how they've grown up. In so many ways they're still the goofy, creative, fun-loving, kind girls that made Toby Mac music videos and went pew hurdling all those years ago. They are beautiful young women and I'm so excited to see how they do next year at Ithaca, IUPUI, and Purdue.

I love these Mose sisters, Annie (left) was a CILT last summer and Abby (right) is one of the graduating Seniors. They have both changed so much since they were in middle school and I'm thankful that we've stayed connected and grown closer over the years.

After church my parents, Sheila, and I had lunch at Pizza Hut, a Delphi staple. Sheila was my youth pastor and I love these chances to reconnect with her. She still challenges me and makes me think like she did all those years ago. On this day of looking back, I'm glad I got to spend time with her.

Back at home Mom and I sat down to watch You've Got Mail. She worked on binding a quilt and I made a friendship bracelet while we watched Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks fall in love. I love getting to spend time just hanging out with Beth.

Before heading back to Indy I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean with the camp boys- Eric, Kraft, Seth, Adam and Jordan. During the summer I would never be able to hang out with all of these guys at once because someone would have the night on so tonight I was thankful they were all there. I was really thankful for Seth's laugh during the whole movie. The boys wanted to wait to see the five second bonus clip after all of the credits and I took the opportunity to take their picture which they were obviously thrilled about. Doesn't it kind of look like one of those pictures from a ride you get at Disney World?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good thing the world didn't end today.

Anime has never been an interest of mine, but it's very popular with many of my students. As a group of girls was drawing characters and discussing anime stories on Thursday I asked them to draw me as an anime. What do you know, they did it! Friday morning one of my girls walked in first thing with these two pictures. The one on the left is a chibi- a small version of a person, not to be confused with a midget. The one on the right is an anime person.

After school I went on a run with Allison. It was so hot out but fun to have a running buddy and talk as we went. Then she helped me figure out the intense friendship bracelet that stumped the FBC yesterday. As she worked I read her some of my camp chapters. Allison has never gone to Camp T and doesn't know all the lingo so it was helpful for me to hear her reactions and thoughts.

Sar got home and all three of us went to Noodles. We were enjoying eating outside when we spontaneously decided to go to the movies. We had to leave right away to catch the show so we threw our dinner in to-go boxes and ran to the car.  It was such an adventure.

Early this morning I drove to Fishers to run with Team Luke in the Geist Lake 5k. One of my students invited me to run with her and I was thrilled to be a part of this event. I met these girls before the start line, everyone was energized for the race and wanted to stick together.

This race, both a 1/2 marathon and 5k, is only a few years old. After watching the Indy 1/2 marathon a couple weeks ago I was so excited to be in the race today. I loved spotting students, a CILT from this past summer, and two future CILTs in the crowd.

There weren't as many costumes today but this gladiator was pretty great.

Running the race reminded me of weaving through the crowds at Disney World when I was little. We dodged through the crowds and the miles flew by. Running the bridge across the lake was our last leg of the race.

After the race we hung out at the Team Luke tent which had a drum circle, foot massages, Panera and Noodles, and a live band. I loved getting to interact with these families and kids.

We finished the race! I love being a teacher in the classroom but I'm so thankful for opportunities like this morning when I can interact with these kids outside of school and be more Sarah than Miss Wright.

Tonight I got to have a movie date with Niki and see Something Borrowed. I think I liked it... I know I liked hanging out with Niki and getting to spend time together before she heads off on her French adventure for the summer.

We met Ellie, Lizzie, and Marie for dinner. They're all home from college for the summer and we talked about the adventures that we want to have in the next few months. We sat outside of Orange Leaf eating frozen yogurt as the sun went down and it felt like summer had arrived. Just a few more days right?

Then tonight one of my very best friends from college got engaged! I'm so excited for her and this next chapter in her life.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Well I know Katy Perry. She's pop culture. Who is Rebecca Black?"

We played psychiatrist in FBC after school today. I love this hour of laughing and talking with these girls. They are fun and creative and goofy. Rach was flipping out about her new crazy Nike shorts, Saba taught us a really complicated bracelet, Katy never stops laughing, and Demi is excited to be a junior leader. 

I ran today. Mostly because I'm doing a race Saturday and wanted to make sure I'd be able to handle it. But I got to wear Nike shorts, a white v-neck, and my hair in a messy bun- it's summer.

Tonight I had my first official roommate dinner with Colleen and Emel. We're living together next year and I'm so excited. Colleen and I became friends years ago at camp (hoorah for Teton) and it's crazy that we're going to live together now. I'm so excited to get to know Emel better.

Dinner was hilarious. I'm confident that this next year I will be laughing constantly. Today I taught this pair about Rebecca Black and the correct pronunciation of Sperry's. I learned about burying wishes, effective food strategies, how the immediate future is really uncertain and you never know what can happen.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"En is drowning!"

On my way home from school today I got some new Nike shorts. Now I'm officially ready for camp. 11 more school days. Then my friend Michelle told me she was at Carmel High School even though I thought she was at camp. So of course I met up with her, Molly, and Ellyn.... funny how none of us currently go there. It was great.

I talked with Sarah Mooney, Mags, and Mary Claire today and all of them made me so excited for this summer. I can't wait to see the three of them be counselors for the first time. Their campers will be lucky.

Annie invited Sar, MaryEllen and I over for a summer dinner tonight.

I love getting to sit and talk with them. I love that Linda, Maddy, and Kelsey come over from next door. I love having Ky and Nick run around the house.

Tonight I learned that the brunette Ken is named En, that Nick can survive a bike fall, Raelyn really doesn't like rice cereal, Maddy was funny when she was little, Sar is really ready to be a mom, MaryEllen is pumped about having a Larry in her class, and Annie and Linda are really good at being sisters and best friends.