Monday, December 31, 2012

Best Day Ever 2012

 My friend Abby Miller came up with a new idea called The Best Day Ever. You gather a group of friends, everyone lists the things they would do on their own Favorite Day and then you do everything on all of the lists. Sarah Briggs and Ben came to town for New Year's Eve and we decided to have our own Best Day Ever with friends in Indy.

Wake up and go get Starbucks right away.

Play with a baby. This is Jenna and Kyle's son Luke.

Eat breakfast with friends. The Perkins invited us over for a breakfast feast with David, Ellen and Kaylee too.

Drink Diet Coke ALL DAY LONG. We had a re-grouping and planning session at Chick Fil A with Mary Ellen and Kaylee.

Wear red shoes.

Write Top 10 Lists of our Dreams for 2013.


Do something competitive. Ben, Kaylee and I beat the Harbor Master score on the iPad.

Bake (RAINBOW) cupcakes.

Drink more Diet Coke and Mary Ellen's homemade frosting.

Watch Pitch Perfect-- specifically auditions, the riff off and the final performance.

Play games.

Document EVERYTHING via Instagram. #bestdayever2012

Take fun group pictures outside.

 Ride the zip-line...

... and make... or just find... a snowman.

Eat dinner at the Houghton's house.

Celebrate a birthday! Nick turned 4 when he blew out his candles on his Buzz cake.

Play more games.

Have an awesome dance party. Jon was a superb DJ and Annie's finger flashlights took it to the next level.

Answer reflective questions in a circle and talk about 2012.

Drink hot chocolate with Annie and Kylie's dessert spoons.

Make a craft. Annie found the directions for this Anthropology bracelet. We started with ribbon and washers...

tried to figure out how to make it...

and ended up with a really cool bracelet.

Start the new year upside down to have a new perspective. This is our best tradition, 4 years running.

Spend the day with friends.

Toast to 2013.