Monday, June 30, 2014

"I don't want to brag, but I was on the C team for three years."

Rainy mornings are becoming a regular thing around here lately. That means indoor chapels are also becoming a regular thing. Smoon got to be a part of the Body of Christ chapel this morning with her beautiful eyes. 

The rain kept us inside at first so we decided to do the Sherpa Walk today instead of later in the week.

Yes, this is activity is as weird and confusing as it probably looks in pictures.

After being blind folded for about an hour you start to make some facial expressions.

Meanwhile, the clinics were all creating back up plans because of the rain too. 2nd period swimming still had their kids practicing strokes while swimming on chairs. It was awesome.

Alli and Dillon were asking their kids in Archery clinic trivia questions and having them buzz in by hitting the target with a ball.

Finally the rain cleared out and we got to go on our float trip after all.

We scrambled up to find our canoe groups....

I ended up getting to canoe with Gretta and Julia Plant. They called us the dream team.

We piled into 15 canoes and headed out like Louis and Clark and Pocahontas.  The river was beautiful this morning after the rain. We spotted 2 blue heron and saw a fish jump out of the water.

I had a little bit of time to wander around River Village this afternoon. I got to see my girls Lilly and Annie at the pool. I'm actually so jealous of their counselors and wish that I could hang out with them all week long. Ellyn and I ran into each other at the pool. We just so happened to be wearing our shoes on the pool deck-- bold move. 

I beat Natalia in a foot race to the Trading Post for the very last Diet Coke. The Coke truck doesn't come until Wednesday. I don't know what we're going to do.

I caught the end of the Catawba and Cherokee Initiation when they have a dance party together. You can't help but jump in with them.

Tonight the CILT Pack got to cook out hobo dinners. We did a role reversal so that Smoon and I were in charge of building the fire and the boys were in charge of the food. We're pretty proud of ourselves.

Hobo dinners are a whole lot of hanging out together. With 40 friends there are so many people to talk to. I even taught Mallory and Alex how to make new friendship bracelets.

Then it was time for our CILT Jar EASTER EGG HUNT! Can you spot the Easter Eggs hidden in these pictures? There are at least 10...

The CILTs had to bunny hop with one eye covered and the other hand making a telescope over the open eye. The CILT Pack is intense.

When they opened their eggs they found a whole lot of candy inside.

Alex found the egg with the Sarah Wright friendship bracelet and Amanda found the egg with a dollar for a bonus pop stop. Meanwhile Laure found a really big frog.

A big group of CILTs went to play Ultimate Frisbee on the soccer field while the rest of us just hung out and took a whole bunch of fun pictures.

Julia's perfecting her bubble wand skills for Day Camp tomorrow.

The Happ twins are such rock stars.

Julia and Colleen are both amazing and I'm so glad they're in Choctaw.

Just hanging out with all of these CILTs was the perfect end to the day.

And then we did some cheer lifts because the girls are missing their cheer teams. And Smooney was meant to be a flyer.

Smoon tried to teach Julia Plant how to do a cartwheel...

I love that CILTs is two weeks long. I love that I get to keep knowing these girls better. I love that they're all so darn nice. I love nights like tonight when the only thing on the schedule is to have fun together. I love working with Smooney. I love having devotions in the Longhouse every night. I love that for this summer Tecumseh is home again.