Monday, July 31, 2017

"I want to live in a world where there is no such thing as glitter or gum."

Back in that clinic grind and I'm loving spending my day in both advanced (aka FAB) and regular friendship bracelets in Lake Village. 

Liv, Erin, Ella, Liza and Charlotte all got into first period FAB together.

I discovered the gang's meeting spot before lunch-- the picnic tables on Kampen's porch are the place to be. I've known these girls since they were baby Blazers in the Riv and I had the honor of being Erin and Erin's first counselor. We've spent the last several summers at camp together going from unit to unit. I love knowing that my summer will always end with these faces since these girls all come for two or three weeks.

Choctaw cabin had quite the afternoon.
First we completed the Polar Bear Pool Challenge during Swim Time.

Choctaw won the unofficial competition to be the first cabin to leave the pool and get to pop stop.
We had "Friendship Building" time with Sioux cabin.

And finally finished the afternoon with a couple different team building activities in the Oak Forest. I'm such a fan of this crew of girls.

Today was also a VERY exciting day in the social media world.
Made it on Tecumseh's Instagram...

AND on Timberwolf's Instagram. What a time to be alive.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


It's week 8 party people! The last week of the summer and we're so excited. This week in Choctaw cabin you'll find Cailey, Ellyn and I with our 11 Warrior campers. 

We jumped in the pool to do swim checks with our girls, after taking a head to toe shower of course. 

All of the Pathfinder friends, like Claire, Liv and Erin are here, and I couldn't be more pumped to hang out with them this week. 

We went to Opening Campfire as Jasmine's Fan Club and after picking our outfit walked outside to discover that we were matching Jasmine perfectly. 

We're so excited about this crew of girls-- they're already so much fun. It's going to be an awesome week. 

They tied up the mayor at opening campfire tonight.

And Ellyn and I got our 5 Year Award because we have lived together for 5 whole years. She's the greatest. I'm the luckiest. What would I do without her?

Friday, July 21, 2017

"You started with lightning bugs and ended with a lightning storm."

Day 2. It's the Final Countdown. Anything can happen. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

"Oh you're right! The 4 x 2 is fun!"

Day 3. The Final Countdown. Anything can happen. 

Fancy breakfast-- tablecloths, candles, classical music, British accents and pinkies up. 

Rainy day chapel-- Jasmine has a jersey over her camera and Tre is all about the hugs.

CILTs spent the morning debriefing RFAJWD, planning the graduation song and working on their hats.

I found Ellen Baker's sister! Did you know Andrew has a twin?

Who is who?! Bet you can't figure it out.

Ok, I'll tell ya. Ellyn is the one on the right. And did you know Maddie and Maddie are just the greatest? I'm so thankful that this pair has been in Choctaw the past two weeks.

Greetings from the beautiful Richard G Marsh Lake where the skies are blue, the whales are friendly and the shallow end is the place to be.

And the rest of Camp Tecumseh YMCA is equally exciting.

Welcome to the beloved Mini Farm where the bunnies don't stay small for long, the goats are friendly and the chickens are content to hang out on your head.

Welcome to the Blazer's Capture the Flag where the game never stops, painting your entire body is encouraged and crawling across the field may not get you very far but it still is fun.

Welcome to River Village flagpole where there's always a trip to Kentucky, worship music plays during the cook-out and tonight Paiute cabin swung down from the LV to join us for dinner.