Thursday, July 20, 2017

"Oh you're right! The 4 x 2 is fun!"

Day 3. The Final Countdown. Anything can happen. 

Fancy breakfast-- tablecloths, candles, classical music, British accents and pinkies up. 

Rainy day chapel-- Jasmine has a jersey over her camera and Tre is all about the hugs.

CILTs spent the morning debriefing RFAJWD, planning the graduation song and working on their hats.

I found Ellen Baker's sister! Did you know Andrew has a twin?

Who is who?! Bet you can't figure it out.

Ok, I'll tell ya. Ellyn is the one on the right. And did you know Maddie and Maddie are just the greatest? I'm so thankful that this pair has been in Choctaw the past two weeks.

Greetings from the beautiful Richard G Marsh Lake where the skies are blue, the whales are friendly and the shallow end is the place to be.

And the rest of Camp Tecumseh YMCA is equally exciting.

Welcome to the beloved Mini Farm where the bunnies don't stay small for long, the goats are friendly and the chickens are content to hang out on your head.

Welcome to the Blazer's Capture the Flag where the game never stops, painting your entire body is encouraged and crawling across the field may not get you very far but it still is fun.

Welcome to River Village flagpole where there's always a trip to Kentucky, worship music plays during the cook-out and tonight Paiute cabin swung down from the LV to join us for dinner.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"People keep assuming hotdogs are my favorite food because it's on my nametag but it's just there because hamburger stroganoff is hard to draw."

Day 4. It's the Final Countdown. Anything can happen. 

Classic chapel pics with the Warrior gal pals.

Welcome to Monochromatic Wednesday my friends.

CILTs completed the Sherpa walk this morning and then talked about how leading well and following well are interchangeable and equally important.

After debriefing I said, "It's week 6-- anything can happen. So we're going to go have an extra rest hour before lunch." Utter joy erupted.

We made it back outside in time to play with our kids before lunch.

Highs of the rest of the day:
Rest Hour round 2
PLUNDER in the LV and seeing Warrior and Pathfinder pals
Pool Time with the Riv kids
Blueberries and strawberries on cherrios at dinner again

"It's my Torchbearer necklace. It's really important to me."

Day 5. It's the Final Countdown. Anything can happen. 


You better believe I swam it too and got that purple band.

We had a swapping kind of morning-- swap t-shirts with your friend and swap counselors with each cabin at breakfast.

Then it was off to the magical, whimsical world of Day Camp.

Blew some bubbles...

Greeted the bus kids...

Hung out with Abigail, the Queen of Day Camp...

Was jealous of this kid just chilling with the American Girl magazine...

Saw your friends and mine, Jasmin and Kristin...

Smeared shaving cream on some counselors...

Hung out with Kayla, Caroline and Shreya at the lake...

Made a clay village...

Splashed around at the pool...

Witnessed but did not get involved in a mud hike...

Went back to the pool...

And heard the story about the 5 year old camper who was running around all day with this photo of his family at Disney World together so he could look at them if he missed them at all.

The rest of the night was highlighted by:
I got a postcard in the mail
Dinner with Cherokee cabin
Walking all over Tecumseh to visit cabins of every unit
CILT girls made Beat Friend Necklaces
Prayer Station Devotion