Sunday, December 10, 2017

"I feel like we never left." CILT Reunion 2017

The CILT Reunion has been one of my very favorite December traditions for the past 10 years. This weekend I got to live the "best 25 hours of the year" one more time. I love reuniting with kids like Sara who were main characters of my summer and continue to be so important to me. 

All of the CILT counselors were back and Grace was in charge of creating CILT signs to put all over Lake Village-- she makes things so fun. 

There were camp games, jump-roping, song creating and scavenger hunting...

 We had our "Would You Be My Friend If I Wore This?" theme dinner. We sang and danced through the dining room while simultaneously devouring camp nachos.

 We love dressing up silly in the summer, but the outfits kids come up with for this night are always some of my favorites.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

The counselors

The reunion is crazy-- 25 hours with 100 people and tons of energy and excitement. Because we know that building friendships and having intentional conversations are two of people's favorite things about camp, we try to make sure that's part of the weekend too. We split into families-- one counselor with about 16 CILTs from combined sessions. We met together four different times and talked through different questions each time. I'm so thankful for this group of rock stars and that I got to have this bonus time with them.

One of the highlights of the night: Just Dance Competition between sessions.

We played some crazy games, watched a video recap of the CILT life, did the ever-popular Newlywed Game and ate ice-cream sundaes.

Hopi cabin summer 2017

Abanaki cabin summer 2017

Choctaw cabin summer 2017 (we're only missing two girls!)

The Kiva summer 2017

Grace's campers (cause she spent time in Hopi and Choctaw)

My favorite moments of the CILT reunion are often when I'm just hanging out with these girls, laughing about silly things, catching up, reminiscing and sharing stories. I really, really love them and am so proud to call them my friends.

Chapel on Sunday morning is extra special at the reunion. We still sing songs like normal, but then a CILT from each session shares their story of how God has been at work in their life this year.

I admire the courage and heart it takes for them to stand up and share about their faith in-front of all of their peers. This year we heard from Sarah Nelson...

Ethan Krone...

and Emily Weibel.

I love when campers can take something tangible home with them to remind them of Tecumseh and the encouragement and support and friendships in this place. That's why we always carve out time to do love tanks together. All 3 sessions, guys and girls, counselors and campers-- everybody's in.

We met with our families for the fourth and final time on Sunday morning.

Sean's family

Sav and Kate's family

Grace's family

Mike's family

Katie's family

Sarah's family

We ate one more meal together and then it was time to start saying good-bye. When I first started doing reunions years ago I was always so tearful at the end. I don't cry much anymore, but it's not because I love the kids any less. I've learned through the years that friendships last, that distance doesn't have to keep you apart and that it's such a gift to walk away filled up with encouragement and love.

I'm thankful for all of you-- how you've impacted my life and that I've gotten to be part of your story.  Love you CILTies.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

"All I know is the CILT reunion is this weekend so everything else is irrelevant."

Cadet Teacher Cassidy came to school all day today! For one day only, cadet teachers spend the entire school day at their placement school. Today Cass got to do the letter board, go to the library, make a video for cadet teaching, buy school lunch and eat in my room and meet all of my classes instead of just the last two. 

Today was also the grand unveiling of our new FBC shirts. Girls like Kendall and Ellie were so excited about the new shirts and I definitely was too. I'm thankful for this gang of girls who are each so fun, silly, creative, relational and positive. Huge fans of the FBC over here. 

We took our picture for the yearbook...

This one is a bit more accurate about what our time together really looks like.

 God bless the FBC.