Sunday, July 16, 2017

"Closing campfire is inside. Kitten rest hour. Prank Joel. Mow Main Field. Roller-skate down Lake Hill. 6 hour rest hour. 7 mile hike. Burn down Buffalo. Sleep on the Wet Willies. Shave the Mayor's head."

I'd like to become an honorary member of Delaware this week. 


Just four gals, shooting the breeze, waiting for Opening Campfire.

Classic craziness at Camp Tecumseh YMCA.

Fischl: "What do we love?"
Campers: "SPORTS!"
Fischl: "How much do we love them?"

So many pals are here-- Reagan and Abby are back in LV and Hannah is loving her new cabin.

I love Emily Peterson, Kid President and libraries. MY GIRL MADDIE STOOKEY FROM THE CLUBHOUSE IS HERE! Fran's Crazy Creek came in and she's pumped.

 I got to play Empire and battle some Pathfinder girls.

Wylie is here!!!!!

It's the Final Countdown in the CILT world. 7 days left people. We're stepping up our game. It's about to get crazy up in here.

Instead of devotions in the cabin, CILTs had night chapel led by Grace and Mike.

And then the girls slept out on the Riverview porch of the lodge.

Thanks for the pictures Media Team!

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