Sunday, July 2, 2017

"I've got the best seat for the movie. It's in the front row and I've got beef jerky and the best lemonade."

Weekend Update:

We said good-bye to Week 3 kids like Sarah Woodward

CILTs planned their chapel

JLove and ice-cream with Lucky Charms while we worked the weekend

Stayover friends Sarah, Kendall and Kendall

CILTs performed their chapel

 We had relationship-building time

Maya and Katie visited during check-in

Session 2 made their nametags

Week 4 friends like Lele arrived

We love DC counselors like Lauren

My HSE gang has arrived-- Brookie, Molly, Audrey and Lucy

Bethie is here!!!

 Jillian and Tanner are still here for another week

Liz got Scott to practice for Arie's wedding by walking her down the aisle at chapel

Then he asked us to sing Mr. Moon with him

Daily Pics with Ellyn

Shout Out Camp T Media Team:

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