Monday, July 17, 2017

"What's your favorite?"

Day 6. It's the Final Countdown. Anything can happen. 

CILT girls woke up this morning to the most beautiful view of the Tippecanoe before heading back home to the Longhouse. 

Spent the morning in families talking about Family, Friends, Faith, Fun and asking questions. I love these humans.

It's crazy hair and crazy clothes day for the CILTs-- embracing our craziness.

Today in CILT fashion...

Diggy and Taylor make me laugh. I love these fools. 

 CILT picnic on the porch for lunch today.

Lake time was full of clay and Brave girls and Pathfinder pals.

Ran into a few DC squads on their way back to the LV...

Kristin and my wrists made it on the Tecumseh Insta!

Smelko and Mylene came to hang out on my night off and then Maddie popped out of the car to surprise me too! Best night ever. I needed to see these pals today.

Meanwhile the CILTs had a Fort Building Contest in the cabins and then the Boys had their sleepout for this week.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"I easily have crushes on boys if they love Jesus... so it's bad."
"They have water everywhere but if you want ice no one ever has ice."

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