Monday, July 3, 2017

"Wanna dance right here?"

IT'S KRISTIN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! The CILT girls all tip-toed into Abnaki to wake her up this morning with her favorite song (which no one had heard of before but it's really great) and then she had all of us do the cha-cha slide.

We passed out copies of Kristin's face that Ellyn had printed to every counselor at Camp Tecumseh we could all celebrate Kristin Day. 

We put birthday signs up all over the Party Room for our birthday girl.

It's Pathfinder Village week here at camp so all of Tecumseh is going to have to chapel together every day in the Green Cathedral. That means everyone came to chapel for Kristin's birthday today. 

More of Kristin's face...

Lilly Fair is here!!!!

CILTs spent the mornings in their families getting to know each other better.

I got to visit LV clinics during 3rd period with Ellyn and we found our girl Molly in baskets-- shout out to Mindy Kelly-- and then went to see Brookie in ceramics working on the wheel.

Now that Grace and I are both here we finally took our Session 2 picture.

This is easily the largest group of CILT counselors we've ever had in one summer. What a team.

I found my 13-year old friends at pool time and hung out with them the whole time. We went off the high dive, went down the VORTEX, off the spring boards and played in the Shallow End.  These are my people.

Camp Tecumseh I love you-- see you in a week!

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