Monday, June 25, 2012


This weekend was all about the necessities. Sarah Mooney and I went and filled up on Diet Coke and pizza, found some internet for blogging and then went home to take a nice long nap. 

When we woke up we went with the whole family to Teppanyaki, aka the Golden Corral of Japan. Dad and Nick's new favorite restaurant, we had to check it out. We knew it was legit when we saw they have a party room.

Sunday brought the start of Session 2 and 38 brand new CILTs that were all bursting with excitement for their time at camp to begin. We passed out binders and babies, took our swim checks at the pool and had lots of conversations with people that are changing from strangers to new friends.

After green hatting several creative ideas like Human Jenga and a giant game of Jeopardy, we opted to go to campfire at #campfrat. Everyone broke out their LAX jerseys, tall socks, neon apparel, Sperry's, sunglasses and croakies and we hooked everyone up with very own neon CILT snapback.

#campfrat We're pretty legit.

It was easy for us to dress up as campfire seeing as how this is what we usually look like on a typical camp day.

Ellen Fazzio is here in Eel River this week, Annie is psyched. I'm so glad Erin O'Awesome is still here and I'm thrilled whenever I get to play with Brunner Runner Runner.

Gigax, Arielle and Kata performed their trademark song Boogaloo.

The CILTs were such a neon army of swag. This session really loves the word swag fyi.

I have a bucket list of things I want to do as a counselor at Camp Tecumseh and I got to check "be the Sarah Wright song" off when Vince called me up. He only chooses one or two counselors a summer so it was a really big deal.

Monday morning was spent talking about adopted cabins, goals, expectations and working on the new CILT cheer. Our mash-up isn't perfected just yet but it's going to be a good one.

This week there are some Warriors in River Village but walk up to Lake for most of the day. I love that I'm still getting to see Nikki, Devon and Lucy even though they're older now.

This new CILT session of 38 kids is so fun already. I'm excited about the next two weeks together.

Pool time was my favorite part of the day.

I found a camper named Sarah who I've know for several summers and we just swam around teaching each other tricks and practicing our handstands and somersaults. Jamie and Arielle found us and brought over some beach balls and we became turtles, holding on like a shell. It's hard to balance on top but we perfected it by the end of pool time.

It's an incredible thing to watch kids like Sarah over a number of summers and see firsthand how much camp has changed them. Kids are so happy here because they are shown love by so many people all day long. I love that I get to be a part of that.

Sidenote, Eric has a new friend named Jeremy.

Tonight I got to hang out with my friends Zach, Gigax and Arielle and it was good to just have a bit of a break from the camp bubble. I love that while sitting in the Fellowship Room uploading pictures we are randomly serenaded by a group of Warrior boys singing We Are Young, Ain't No Mountain High and Puff the Magic Dragon. Camp is awesome.

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