Thursday, June 28, 2012

"I've been collecting clay in the lake for 5 years!"

Chapels have been on fire this week. The Potter skit used an iPhone, Droid and flip phone instead of the traditional pots--I loved it. Take away- everyone is important and valuable and God has a purpose for them

We shadowed clinics on Monday morning. I got to help Sarah with the first few rows of her basket. Jamie and Morph played some bball with Brayden.

I got recruited to color a birthday crown for a camper named Emma while in the CAC.

It's fun to watch performing clinics like hip hop and show choir. It's like getting a sneak preview before their performance at the end of the week.

 Jamie and I had some fun in Main Field. We just really like getting to play together all the time. I still can't believe we weren't actually friends before this summer.

We hung out at the pool in the afternoon. Swim time is always one of my favorite times of the day.

The shallow end is the best place to be with all the Shamu, turtling and whirlpools going on.

I love Brave girl nation during pop stop time.

We reintroduced the pop stop challenge. You spin around 20 times, throw down the can and then try to stomp on it. Hilarity ensues.

Arielle and I had a fiesta dinner with Pima cabin before playing during Trading Post time. So many CILTs like Kacy and Katie were on their game, hanging out with their kids.

We love getting to hang out with girls like Liv that were in our cabin at the end of the summer last year. She's hilarious and always fun to play with.

The CILTs planned mini-clinics for the next day and then we taught them to play Fugitive. Six fugitives start on one end of River Village and have thirty minutes to get back to either the Longhouse Porch or to Irving while they are being hunted by everyone else. It's exhilarating and exciting and a little bit terrifying.

The seven of us were pumped to be the fugitives and figured out some great strategies.

Unfortunately we all got caught. We were sad. But we put up a good fight--there were some impressive escapes, hiding in Muir Cabin and I was amazed to watch Zoe outrun a whole crowd of people.

The rest of the night was pretty funny, group handstands...

and a potholder headband session before devotions.

Wednesday we woke up ready for a great day. Even before 8am these CILT girls are so happy to be together.

Our wolf pack was a bit smaller this week but extra intense. Our animal instinct was urging us to attack Frederick the deer.

Don't worry, we were able to control our hunger. Did you notice baby Lincoln joined the pack?

I loved the props and beautiful flowers in the cracked pot chapel. Take away- God can turn our weaknesses into our strengths.

I love spotting counselors doing great things. Brad is always doing an exceptional job with his guys and making them feel so important.

The CILTs taught mini-clinics like Indian Poke and Awkward Dancing,

Creative Name Drawing and Pet Rocks,


Yoga, (this is my new friend Francie)

Core Workouts and Cupstacking,

Kemps and Ga-Ga.

Did you know that CILTs love matching? The sunglasses tanks are flying off the shelf in the Trading Post this summer.

We played Pirates of Tecumseh for the second time this summer and it was so much more fun this time around because of changes like more boats for each team and a few different games.

 The Green team was victorious with 80 points. There is no better prize than pride.

This morning I got to be part of the Running Deer and Fleet Foot Chapel. I love any occasion to break out my Indian vest. Take away- You must put others before yourself to be a servant like Christ.

We had an awesome playlist. I love getting to be on stage so I can watch the faces of everyone in the crowd from little Braves like Anne Marie to CILTs spread out in the crowd to the Day Camp counselors all the way in the back.

As we walked to The Leadership Center we played the CILT ipod shuffle game. I was so impressed with how well this group quickly sang together. It's so fun to travel like this.

We spent the morning working on pipeline...

(this group got the marble in the can on their third try and then got it in a second time without any talking-IMPRESSIVE)

 getting through keypad...

and climbing over the 12 ft wall.

We ate lunch up at Lake Village. They are playing Color Wars this week and we got to hear all of their new team cheers. I love the chance to see the faces of so many Lake Village friends. We're one camp but I wish I could see this other half more often.

Lake time was sweltering to say the least. We worked to stay hydrated and didn't want to get out of the water.

I was so impressed to see Becca start up a game of Mafia in the shallow end.

Jamie, little Sarah and I spent most of our time collecting rocks to add to our rock mountain. There are approximately 263 rocks there, give or take a couple. We're hoping the pile will stay there until next week.

Arielle got a clay makeover as did just about everyone else in the shallow end.

 Tomorrow is Friday--the best day of the week. I can't wait.

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