Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"So if I tip over this glass, will the bug juice spill all the way across the table to Sarah Mooney?"

Chapels every morning are the best and it's so great to be back in the Green Cathedral. It feels empty without all the kids but it's cool to be able to worship with just all of the staff.

Lincoln and Ollie love chapel and are probably going to be best friends.

Colleen, Arielle and I spent almost the entire day in the CAC teaching rainy day games to eight different groups of counselors. It was sweet because over the course of the day we got to meet everyone and play our favorite games over and over again.

I got my first mail from Molly Henry and Annie Fazzio. Love them both and love mail. I can't wait for them to get here next week.

We played more games of Family, Psychiatrist, Airport Waiting Game, Protect the President, Names over the Head and Needle Tag.

When all the rotations finished we had an ice-cream and wooden name tag making party. 

I came into the Fellowship Room to find Morph, Jamie, Mel and Arielle all Skyping with Waldo Krafty.

All morning was spent inside with Michael Brandwein learning about creative and intentional counseling. But I'm getting better about taking pictures all the time. I love that Kendall, Molly, Coll, Chrissy and Mary are all here this summer.

There's just so much joy in this place.

More people are playing the mail game. Malena, a 7th grader at my school, Colleen, my roommate and Molly all sent letters. That's two points for Molls.

This afternoon we found out everyone's unit and partner. Everyone got an envelope and was sent outside to wait. When the bell ring they could open the envelope and find a destination inside. Everyone from their unit would go to the same meeting spot.

Since I didn't have to stress about where I would end up it was so fun to see everyone else run to their spot and find out.

Blazers met at Teton,

Braves at the Lookout,

Warriors at the Lake,

and Pathfinders at the LV Chapel.

We got to watch the Pathfinders figure out their partners. Sarah Mooney and Bre Allen are so pumped about Seminole.

Margaret and Olivia are going to be so precious in Mohican.

The CILT counselors got to have unit time too and convinced Jordan to participate in a little Team CILT photo shoot.

 After dinner we had time to get to know our partners, talk about our cabins and play games together. Watching counselors play an improv game was one of the best parts.

More unit time and we figured out who all the CILT counselors will be next week since Day Camp staff training is going on.

It's going to be one of the best weeks ever. Five days till the CILTs of Session 1 arrive.

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  1. SARAH!! i cannot believe it is only 5 days away it is so crazy! i am so excited to be at camp and see you and all the other counselors!!:):)