Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Ok, so we'll get 500 tennis balls, blind-fold everyone, and have Carolyn and Molly hooked into the top of Mt. Wood."

This morning we got to go back to chapel, one of the very best parts of the day. Chef Eric made some camp soup and talked to us about making Christ the center of everything we do here. From waking up and praying every morning to how he goes to Mass every day before teaching--making it a priority makes all the difference. We make it easier here with chapels and devotions worked into our schedule and I'm excited to soak it all up.

My favorite part of the day was practicing songs for tomorrow's chapel with Mike, Alex, Mel, Jamie, Morph, Arielle, Kata, Molly and Brad. I got chills as we sang The Stand and Give Me Faith. It never ceases to amaze me how music can connect us as a community of faith and connect us to Christ. I love moments like this when everything just seems so right.

Other highs of the day included visits from Shannon Evoy, baby Lincoln and Karisa Hannon. Whether it's been months or days or hours since you've seen a friend here you're always excited to be back together.

This week counselors have unlimited time together and all of the camp kids get extra attention and play time with counselors. Ollie, Sophie and Reagan were all living the dream today.

Then counselors got to play Empire, a fairly new tradition and increasingly popular unit game in the Lake Village. We were split into five different color groups and learned the rules before heading out to our kingdoms.

I was part of the green team--an incredible collection of athletes and strategic thinkers. We searched for treasure and keys, broke into other team's chests and tried to protect our own. After sitting in sessions all day it was great to just get to run around and play.

One of the reasons this summer is special is because Bailey, a previous camper of Carolyn and I's is now on staff. Our favorite memories of her include skip-it-ing for two days straight, stacking picnic tables on a top secret mission, and giving a friendship bracelet to Mark Cramer.

Looking back at these old pictures of Teton brings back so many memories. Kids like this are why we're here. Tonight we were talking about how the people who built the great cathedrals spent years perfecting just one small section without ever seeing the final product. As counselors we are working one kid at a time, one week at a time, giving all we've got without seeing the final product. The beauty is how God pieces together what all of us have been doing summer after summer with these campers, something grander than we could ever imagine to do on our own.

We finished early tonight and now there is room full of people dancing along to Just Dance because you don't need a controller to participate. 

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