Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I like my camp, I like my campers, I like my counselors...

I like when the Day Camp counselors show up.

I like seeing Emma Benham at camp.
I like when Colleen and Molly act like me.

I like when everyone smiles so big in pictures because they're so happy.

I like getting to watch clinics like skin diving.

I like straddle jumps and finding campers named Sarah Michelle (just like me).

I like Tiny Tiger T-shirt Tuesday, Hold A White Cup Tuesday and Match Your Partner Tuesday.

I like village wide dance parties before lunch.

I like creative dance moves and solos when no one is watching.
I like conga lines.

I like teaching kids the Cupid Shuffle.

I like becoming friends with CILTs like Emma Flynn.
I like watching Olivia dance with Audrey.

I like spotting CILTs, like Paityn and Lucy, being such rock stars with their adopted campers.

I like when kids cling on to CILTs like Ellie because they think their CILT is the coolest person in the world.

I like when the whole shallow end does Shamu, Whirlpool, Tsunami, Ballerina, Wave Pool, the Macarena, Feet Check and Rockstar.

I like getting to hang out with Mason, Marie, Ellie, Hannah and Jimmy- a group of 8th graders from my Junior High and how they still call me Miss Wright here when it would be fine to call me Sarah.

I like perfecting the new CILT cheer and coming up with motions for every line.

I like announcing that all 30 girls are sleeping out at Ghost Cabin.
I like checking it off my camp bucket list.

I like trekking through the woods with all of our stuff and seeing a line of flashlights.

I like having adventures with Rachel, Ellie, Olivia, Jocele and Emma--such brave girls.

I like getting all of lined up, snug as a bug in a rug, on the Ghost Cabin floor.
I like reading Cold Tangerines as the girls fell asleep.
I like that there was a gap in the tree branches so we could see the stars.

I like accidentally, on purpose, waking everyone up when we heard raccoons about ten feet away in the woods.
I like praying that the raccoons wouldn't attack us or steal our stuff.
I like that even though we were petrified of the hissing raccoons, we stuck it out and stayed all night.

I like waking up outside and hiking back together.

 I like seeing counselors wear all three of the Friendship Bracelet Club sweatshirts.

I like singing chapel songs gospel style. Praise Jesus.

I like CILT mini-clinics like Happy Hands and Volleyball...

How To Make A Friend and Camp Games...

 French Braiding and Leap Frog...

Table Setting and Races...

Friendship Bracelets and Potholder Headbands...

Yoga and Folding.

 I like when all of the CILTs are together.

I like playing Psychiatrist and watching them try to figure out I'm Going On A Trip.

I like Wolf Shirt Wednesday and bright shorts.

I like Pirates of Tecumseh.

I like Team Spirit for Black Attack, Yellow Fever, Red or Dead and Green Machine.

I like Human Ladder Races.

I like really fun kids and getting to know kids from all different cabins.

I like Simon Says battles.

I like running into Day Camp counselors, even if Mags, Erin and Peanut are a little sassy.

I like Lizzy, Sarah and Maddie's Wolf Shirt Wednesday faces.

I like that camp games are still fun even if you don't win.

I like getting to go to Day Camp staff training to talk to them about CILTs and having them write songs.

I like watching all of my old campers become friends.

I like watching these kids shine and be so excited to be counselors.
I like getting to a lead a devotion for all of them one more time.

I like hearing them talk about faith.
I like getting to sit and hang out with so many awesome people that I really love.


  1. i like reading this post.
    i like that you can still blog while at camp.
    i like that you are a YL leader.
    i like how you are intentional with people.
    i like how you are intentional with taking lots of pictures.
    i like that we can hangski during weeks 8 and 9.
    i like yaaaa.

    and this post reminds me of this video..

  2. Camping out at ghost cabin...EPIC and EPICALLY scary..LOVE IT!
    So sad you were at a wedding for my first visit!


  3. I like going to camp and seeing everyones face :)
    like you miss wright!! <3

    -emma benham