Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Want to know how to have fun at Camp Tecumseh?

Go to chapel and meet Kalepo.

Shadow Day Camp for a day and hang out with the awesome kids and counselors there.

Play ninja and blow bubbles. Try to pop the bubbles using only your feet.

Go to chapel again and learn how to make Camp Soup.

Make children laugh. Laugh in the process.

Play more.

Find kids that want to sit on your lap.

Go fishing in the Tippy. Don't worry if you can't figure out the pole, or casting, or how to get a worm on the hook.

Teach level two skills like patience and perseverance.

Play ga-ga and chase counselors on Fort Disco.

Let a kid make up the rules in checkers and don't correct them when the red piece flies all the way across the board.

Make new friends.

Keep loving each other well, even when you're exhausted at the end of the day.

Smile often. Take lots of pictures.

Pose exactly like this with a precious small child.

Find some Day Camp counselors at pop stop and ask them about their day.

Find friends like Eliza, Chrissy and Meg during the day and get SO excited to see them.


Discover what RFAJWD is.

Join a wolf pack. Ours has grown to 23. Ahoooooo.

Go on a Sherpa walk. Let a CILT like Maddy do the debriefing.

Have a dance party during Gold Rush.

Play with your friends. Make sure they know you love them a lot.

Sing Some Nights, Feel So Close and On Top of the World so loud that you just might lose your voice.

Dance like there is no tomorrow. Then drink lots of water.

Have fun. Spread enthusiasm. Convince others to join the party.

Surround yourself with people you admire and then learn from them.

Hang out with kids during pop stop.

Make kids trade you for things at the trading post. Bartering is totally underrated.

Have chapel at night in the Green Cathedral. Talk about how our lives are like sea glass.

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  1. that sunset piggy back picture is the best picture i have ever seen. miss this so much i cannot believe it is already over:(