Thursday, August 26, 2010

the better route

A couple days ago Colleen, one of my campers from this summer, told me that she and her sister are going to raise money to send a kid to Tecumseh next summer. The place has made such an impact on their life that they want to pass that on to someone else. They've gotten other camp friends to join so girls all over the midwest are making bracelets to help someone fall in love with camp next summer.

I got a letter from a little girl named Kiersten who comes to camp too and she wrote, "Since me and Ryan both know how to make friendship bracelets we are making TONS to sell for a girl at our school who passed away this year. So far we've made about 100."

I am inspired by these girls.

My youth pastor told me once that you start to really grow up when you begin to live your life for people other than yourself. It's the easy route to think about ourselves and what would make our life easier. We think about our schedule, what we want, where we need to be, and what would be the most convenient thing for us.

But I think it's the better route to live like Colleen and Ryan. We can make a difference by working to make other people's lives easier, more joyful, and to let them know they are loved.

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