Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hold on

Dom is going to college tomorrow.
She feels bittersweet about the change.
So we tye-dyed tonight with her sister Sophie.

It seems like everyone in my life is in transition right now.

Dom is going to college in the morning.
Annie started Junior year yesterday.
Katie is starting her first year as a librarian in 2 new schools at the same time.
Rach is starting her new teaching program back in B-town.
Casey is a Senior at Hope.
Tracy is moving back from CO.
I've just moved...again.
My students have just begun junior high.
All the girls that have been my campers and pen-pals are moving all across the country to start college.
Sarah is starting medical school and is already in the thick of it.
Eric has become an IA.
Lani has just returned from a year in South America.
Annie is pregnant again.
Mary Ellen is starting student teaching.
Fitzie is about to finish her documentarty and then who knows?
Beef is starting to coach at Ohio State.
Kraft is going to finish biking across America and then work OE.
So many friends are leaving home to become Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in college.

I believe that change is necessary but I also know from experience that it is very difficult. It's tough to leave behind places and people and jobs and experiences that you love. And sometimes it's overwhelming. And sometimes you just cry and you're not really sure why. But I also know that there are great things ahead.

I'm learning to stop trying to guess what will be next. Someone you meet tomorrow could become your best friend. You might get a call about the perfect job right when you need it. A place that feels foreign can quickly become a 2nd home. New responsibilites can help you see you're capable of more than you realized.

You may just want life to be normal again but you don't know what normal life is going to be.
For all my friends going through big transitions- hold on. You can do this. You're going to be fine- no, more than fine. You're going to do great things.

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