Sunday, August 29, 2010


Ever been to Wolcottville, IN?
Most people haven't.

But in dear ol' Wolcotville, IN there is a cottage where the Carmel YL leaders make a yearly pilgrimage and this year I was in attendance.
I think everyone should be required to go on at least one retreat a year, or maybe twice a year. A retreat is such a great, for lack of a better word, retreat from the world. Away from schedules and highways and emails and appointments we just got to be.

For 3 days I hung out with a group of 15 friends and we ate Jenna's creme pie, read on a hammock, sat on a dock, sat on a couch, sat on a porch, sat at the counter, made a new friend, wrote top 10 dreams for my life, brainstormed campaigners, planned clubs, voted on themes, wrote top 10 quirky things about me, processed being doorkeepers, screamed at the mafia, figured out family, ate Marlin's Jambalaya, heard life stories, asked hard questions, slept on bunk-beds, ate Mary Ellen's donuts, and talked while sitting in circles.

In true David style, let's toast- "To Wolcottville!"

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