Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This past week I got to go to Young Life camp in Minnesota. 86 of us took a 15 hour bus ride from Carmel, IN to Detroit Lakes, MI to spend 8 days together at Castaway Club.

Shauna, my partner, and I got to hang out with these 8 girls. Together we parasailed, banana boated, screamed songs at club, played psychiatrist and signs, and talked about real things going on in our lives. I'm excited to keep getting to know them better this year.

I went sailing without a sail with a bunch of british pirates- hook digit, dancing tulip, celery, geometry, floppy, and fading tatt to name a few.

Scottie too Hottie and Molly too Cool were for sure our favorite people at camp- I'm sure you can figure out who they are here.

Sarah Briggs inspires me. I've only know her for a year but I feel like it's been so much longer. It was awesome to just watch her be at Castaway, a home away from home for her, and see her pouring into her girls that she loves so much. Sarah is dedicated to this and God is using her in these kids' lives.
Allison was one of my YL girls last year and has become one of my close friends. I didn't know she was coming on this trip until right before we left and I flipped out. I never got to go to camp with her in my cabin but this week was pretty close. We sang and laughed and made bandana bracelets and had the best dance party ever and ate birthday cake ice-cream cones often and made lists and talked with accents.
I've kind of known Riley all year but really got to know her better this week. I love learning more about her story and seeing her as a leader now who loves Young Life. She is fun and positive and I love being around her.

A Tecumseh-er my whole life, I liked seeing this other camp in action for a week and being a part of it. It's the conversations with the girls during cabin time and the work crew cardboard testimonies are going to stick with me. I loved the honesty and vulnerability as people shared how Christ has absolutely transformed their lives. He doesn't make life perfect but he gives us hope and allows us to live life connected to God.

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