Sunday, August 22, 2010

"I always love a good DP"

It's easy for me to tell that some people are reading this blog because when I see them they say things like, "I'm so glad we're overlapping today," or "don't you want to take a picture of us?" And I am glad that we overlap and I do want to take a picture of them so they can be on the blog.

The Brebeuf XC Invitational has become a yearly tradition. I LOVE cross country races and cheering as people run by and then sprinting to another spot on the course. Today I got to cheer with Bridget and Molly. While we were cheering for Carly (and Taylor, Jules, Carly, Colette, and Sam) we spotted Megan cheering on the other side of the trail.

Ellyn and I took a ride over to Jarnie's house- her grandmother- to get my desk I'd been storing in her shed all summer. I love grandmas. I love Ellyn too.

I went to a 5-year-olds Bubblegum themed birthday party and hung out with friends as little butterfly-face-painted girls ran around the yard clutching their goody bags and searched for yellow gumballs.

Sarah and I went grocery shopping for our new aparment (we moved in yesterday- the unpacking and decorating will happen eventually). Then we christened the kitchen with a Red Baron pepperoni pizza-my sister would be proud.

The rest of the night was another birthday party- but a progressive party for Sarah and everyone else's 21st. Highlights were Mary Ellen's corn dip, hanging out in the 120, singing in the car, Les Kes's dream apartment in the city, frozen yogurt, sprinting through an alley with Sarah, a rooftop garden, and a good DP (dance party) to finish the night.
This was a long, wonderful day.

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