Sunday, August 15, 2010


If there was a theme throughout the summer it might be positivity. Inspired by "jessica's daily affirmations", Cold Tangerines, the story of the leper that returned to say thank you, and the culture of camp I found myself in many conversations about things I liked. So on this first day after Camp I want to remember somethings I really, really like...

singing "My Savior" and "Blessed Be Your Name" in the Green Cathedral
finishing breakfast with a camp vanilla latte in a red cup
seeing Day Camp counselors at the Trading Post after they finish their day
sitting with Braves and Blazers on the benches by 4-square before lunch
coming back early for devotions with the CILTs
solving verbal challenges with the CILT counselors
singing "Love Story" during lunch with Kata
having face-to-face interactions with the people I love everyday
beaz boarding with Olivia in the Richard G.
the first performance of a new CILT cheer
reading my blog or Cold Tangerines to the Choctaw girls before bed
"hug or a high-5?"
looking in the milk crate to find our mail for the day
waking up and knowing the day is going to be so much fun
rock notes after the CILT extended float trip
attempting cartwheels in main field
bandana bracelets, swim bands, friendship bracelets, camp watches, and minglets
hip-hop and show choir performances at closing campfire
"Welcome to the Family" and "Tecumseh"
looking around the flagpole on Sunday nights and seeing all the new campers
the kickboard/noodle and question game with Burke every pool time
CILT dodgeball, psychiatrist, capture the flag, I'm a tree, and Dominican Chaos
wearing over-alls as often as possible
being so excited to see your friends every time you see them
hearing the CILTs talk about their adopt-a-cabins
conversations and changes that only God could have made happen
playing Empire up at Lake
sleeping out on the tennis courts
bracelet, swimsuit, and flip-flop tan lines
baked oatmeal, sloppy joes, cottage cheese & raisins on the salad bar
dinners with Catawba and experiencing their eating techniques
hugs from Linsey
convincing Blazers that it's super-cool to pick up trash
rainbows over main field
trying to live out the Sagamore Creed (Joy, Responsibility, Trust, Initiative, Faith, and Friendship)
Bro day, onesie week, tye-dye tuesday, and wearing white v-necks and nike shorts all the other days
becoming friends with people that I should have a long time ago
sharing life with Arielle
documenting as much of camp as possible with pictures and video
having a shared experience like this with the staff of summer 2010
the picnic lunch on the last day of CILTs
being a part of something bigger than myself
realizing the difference between happiness and joy and choosing joy
knowing that this is not the end

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