Saturday, July 23, 2011

All good things must come to an end.

After checking off the Friday event list of final evals, graduation song, graduation hats, picnic lunch, counselor wrap-up and pop stop it was finally time for cartoon night.

I love the creativity of counselors and campers every week. We're not conventional and I think that's a great thing. Look at this originality. 


 We had so many visitors this week and I was thrilled to see so many of my friends. Krissy and Casey came from Michigan. Anne and Fitz flew in from NYC. Sweeners came down from Chicago. Melissa came up from Indy.

Tonight was the last time we got to do a CILT cheer at closing campfire. I really, really like our new party tanks.

This was the last CILT graduation song of the summer. They changed the words to Nickel Creek's This Side, the song Choctaw has been waking up to for years. 


 We got to watch Evancrombie and Frick show off his martial arts skills one last time. Mags got to do the Alligator song onstage with Vince--she was SO excited to sing her favorite song.

River Village hip-hop to Friday was fantastic, I love the looks on these kids faces as they perform.

We had our final CILT devotion together in the CAC. In one part we ask the kids to find someone who they prayed with, who they could talk to for hours, who they would live in a Yurt with, who inspires them, who lightens their load, who they laughed with. These counselors have been those people for me the past six weeks. I'm so thankful for the time we spent together and so sad that it's over.

And Saturday morning we said our good-byes for the last time. 

I love the relationships that are formed during CILTs. When 41 campers and 8 counselors spend 2 weeks together they become a family. These friendships are real and are built on faith, intentional conversations, personal growth, and lots of silliness. These are the kinds of friends that you want to hold on to. I didn't really know Erin until this summer but she has already had such an impact on my life. I got to know Annie well last year during session 3 and she has become one of my very favorite people. 

I'll miss Bike Chain, 6 eyes, Harielle, and Fratopher. I'll miss playing sports everyday, rock stacking clinic, night chapels, wolf shirt wednesday with this wolf pack, family videos, shallow end craziness and being friends all day long.

Oh gosh. How I love CILTs.

To all 123 CILTs of Summer 2011, thank you for an awesome summer. You are rock stars and capable of more than you realize. Keep believing that you can be the best version of yourself back at home. Take the joy you got from camp this year and shine that light whenever you can.

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