Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Do you want to be fun today? Then you probably want to wear these overalls."

We made it. Overall week day 5. And I like to coordinate my outfits with my friends on a regular basis but Ellyn and I really didn't plan to wear the exact same shirt this day.

The CILTs spent the morning visiting with residents at a local nursing home. It is such a cool experience for them to take the time to interact with these men and women that have so many stories to share and are so eager to have someone to talk with.

As counselors we get to visit three times over the course of the summer. This is Kraft's best friend Jack and my best friend Ruth. I love that they recognize us now and we know each other's personalities and their stories are the best parts of our visits.

When we got back to camp the CILTs played Capture the Flag before lunch. We're competitive... we barely had time to stop to pose for pictures.

Did you know the Depauw Tigers have taken over Camp T this summer?

Every Friday brings another theme night of creative, highly attractive, and colorful outfits. 

Disco Fever at it's finest.  

 This week's trading post time brought another game of Ultimate Frisbee. Our CILT girl cheerleaders were fantastic-- cheers, pyramids, gymnastics and lifts.

It is so strange to think that we have only have one more week of Session 3 CILTs. Only one more week till CILTs is over for the whole summer. This group of kids is hilarious and we're going to make next week a blast.

Sarah Briggs came to visit and I was obviously so excited. I love that she cares about this part of my life and that she showed up in overalls for overall week and that she'll sing camp songs and that she knows so many of the Day Camp counselors and that she is just such a great friend.

Olivia Odle was in three clinics that performed at closing campfire. Guitar clinic- check, martial arts- check, Broadway clinic- check. That's an impressive feat.

Martial Arts and River Village hip-hop were two of my favorite parts of the night.

And Sarah Scott came to visit from Nashville. She hasn't worked at camp since 2007 but is still such a consistent part of our lives. I love that she's always so spazzy like a Brave, excited like a Blazer, relational as a Warrior and sentimental (though she may try to hide it) as a Pathfinder.

Check-out days between sessions are strange for CILT counselors because we're doing 1-on-1 evaluations with our campers instead of saying- good-bye to them at check-out.

p.s. CILT counselors are really good at dancing to the Saturday morning chapel song. It's one of our strengths.

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