Monday, July 18, 2011

The pope, Draco Malfoy, and Jennifer Aniston

The CILTs planned the devotions they will leader for their resident cabins this morning. Devotions are such an important part of camp for all of us and this is a huge step for them to take with their campers. I love seeing them get excited about what their going to share and hear the testimonies that they're going to tell.

And we really just loved getting to all be together and hang out. Erin and Kathleen stole my camera and took approximately 50 pictures of themselves. The girls all laid on top of each other when they finished planning. Then we played a gigantic game of family that we actually finished which was really impressive.

Today we initiated and participated in monochromatic Monday. Rachel, Michelle, and Katherine are beautiful, energetic girls and I'm so thankful that I"m getting to know each of them better in these two weeks.

It has become a summer long tradition for the CILT girls to serenade all of camp from the Longhouse porch after lunch. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. Today featured some Lizzie McGuire and Natasha Bedingfield.

They have really pretty voices and singing faces.

I gave Emily a tattoo today. She really likes it a lot and is thinking about making it permanent.

Irene is a rock star and sent the CILT counselors not only a box full of candy and punch balls but personalized letters for each of us.

I stopped in to the LV dining room before I left on my night off. Campers like Ellie, Monica, Emily, and Jocele, Kiersten, and Ryan are rocking the older units and I wanted to visit them and the counselors that were on tonight. Thankfully Ellie captured a moment of verbal love tanks between Mags, Moll, Coll and I. I really, really love those girls.

Tonight was the perfect night off; talking with great friends in the car, our favorite foods at Noodles, blogging/facebooking, making lists, playing a game. I have the best friends.

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