Monday, July 18, 2011

One month left.

It is so crazy to me that we are in the midst of week 6 at Camp Tecumseh. Our last month of campers and devotions by candlelight and hugging friends every time we cross paths and screaming Taylor Swift lyrics as we walk to the lake and embracing ridiculous outfits just because they're ridiculous is upon us. This is my last week with the CILTs and then I'll be a counselor for younger kids the last three.

In this last month I was to live deliberately. My friend Ellen just posted about someone she met in an elevator that had a t-shirt with the phrase "Live Deliberately" on it. I love that. I think it's valuable and something that I want to be about. I don't want to get stuck going through the motions with my campers. Usually I think we all do a really good job of being focused on the present.

But this afternoon it was hot and humid. I literally started sweating as soon as I walked out of my cabin. It was gross and part of me wanted to just go back inside. For no good reason at all I found myself getting frustrated with people who weren't intentionally trying to make things more difficult or to complain an extra amount. Honestly I was just annoyed. Sometimes that happens right? But I'm thankful that I had the clarity to realize my bad mood and that I needed to make a change, to live deliberately.

So I ran to the pool and found Kiersten and Ryan, two of my favorite kids that have never actually been in my cabin. They're up in Lake Village this summer and I'm sad I won't get to see them as much this year. But when our lives do overlap I want to spend time playing and laughing and talking with them. The three of us were so excited that we were all at pool time and went together to the deep end of the Bradshaw pool. We played the question game on the spring boards for an hour. The water was cold and chlorine dripped from our tangled hair and blue swimsuits as we stood in line. I love that these girls smile constantly. They're excited about color wars and their new clinics. Kiersten is so good at asking other people questions and she really listens to their answers. Playing games and acting like kids is still such a priority for them. My attitude switched because of these girls.

One month left.  Soon it will be back to dress pants, highways, returning phone calls, checking e-mails and grading papers. When I get there it will be good and I will be thankful for routine and the community of Indy that I've been missing. But for now, and the next four weeks, I'm going to celebrate swimsuits and wooden benches, love tank notes and dodge ball games. I will embrace 8-year-old laughter and 16-year-old conversations, heart-to-hearts and dinner family style. I want to be about sharing kind words and friendship bracelets, candy from care packages and hugs with my campers. My prayer is that we, the counselors and campers in each of these 44 cabins, will live each day deliberately.

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