Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"You be pizza... you're diet pig... and you're curly..." -Smellen

June 10, 2011 the 41 CILTs of Session 3 arrived at Camp Tecumseh ready to grow as leaders and to have a cow, figuratively of course.

And Molls is here for another week. I'm pumped. I really love when Molls is around to laugh and give hugs and tell me stories and live the dream as a camp counselor.

For opening campfire the CILTs dressed up as a protest to the removal of Irving the Indian, who was never actually in danger. These kids were so pumped about their earth tone clothing, Pocahontas braids, and creative chants.

Their riot was an indication of the enthusiasm and creativity to come in the next two weeks.

Monday brought the start of the first ever overall week. Back in March we thought that it would be a really great idea. We didn't have many participants the first day but I was real pumped about our pants.

 I love seeing counselors and campers hanging out before lunchtime. We had Madness Monday where we had all of our cabin activities and pool time in the morning and then put clinics after lunch. It was kind of insane but I nice change of pace.

During rest hour I went on a little field trip with Mary and Coll up to quilt camp to talk to the women about Cold Tangerines, their book club pick. The three of us love this book and Shauna and were so excited to talk about our favorite chapters.

Monday nights are trivia nights in the RV but this week Mary and I also brought back one of our favorite traditions- ham juice. It's disgusting. But really funny. Outside it was still over 100 hundred degrees but we found some shad where we could HOH (Hang Out Horizontal) with ice-cream sandwiches.

A giant limb fell from this tree for no reason at all. It was crazy weird and we thought for a moment it might be a sign of the apocalypse but then we were too overcome by the heat making all of us drip sweat to worry about the apocalypse.

Later that night the CILT girls gathered to make potholder headbands together before our thankfulness devotion. I like potholder headbands. I like the CILT girls. I like the Longhouse. I like getting to talk with them one-on-one. I like making top 10 lists together. I like the start of a session when you know there is so much time left.

Overall week day 2 brought more jean-loving friends.

The CILTs shadowed clinics this morning. I love getting to go from swimming to friendship bracelets to clay to hip-hop to soccer to show choir to drama to cup stacking-- Camp Tecumseh has skills.

We talked about what we had seen, played psychiatrist, set all the River tables and finished our cheer before lunch.

"Act like you're best friends"

"Act like you have to go to the bathroom really bad"

Wouldn't you want Coll and Annie to be your DC counselors? Yeah, me too. They're so fun.

Pop stop activity of the day: All of the CILT counselors write letters to a certain JACK MCGEE! after receiving letters in the mail from him.

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