Saturday, July 2, 2011

Can you say epic?

I love when we go to The Leadership Center to do team-building activities. Getting out of the villages at camp, the CILTs get a new perspective as they try tennis ball transfer, key pad, and the 12 ft wall. It's during times like this that we get to see a new side of these campers and some people really step up and shine.

I love when I run into Day Camp counselors, like Annie and Mags, at pop stop. DC and res camp don't overlap that often so it's exciting when we're together. Devon is AWESOME (her favorite word). She's been one of my favorite non-campers for three summers now and I was so pumped when she gave me an awesome friendship bracelet.

Have I told you how much I love being CILT counselors with Arielle this summer? Oh my gosh I really, really do. I love that she hoards apple cores, remembers old stories with me, wears neon headbands just b/c, says hilarious things for the quote page, sings harmony when I just sing normal, loves the Catawba girls, is so good with the CILT girls, supports wolf shirts, and is so open to growth.

Have I told you how proud I am of all these Day Camp counselors? They're living the dream, changing lives, being great 24/7.

Emily and I are working on a little project. By little I mean really big... I'll keep you updated.

I love photo shoots on theme nights. Especially on 80's night when I get to wear my favorite purple sequined prom dress. It was a really neon, bright eye-shadow, sequins and metallic kind of night. I love Emily and Maggie.

Annie and Arielle are so fun, I want to be like both of them when I grow up.

Look at all these CILTs that made new best friends-- Whitney, Grace, Lizzy, Allie, and Sam.

K-frat and Fratopher are just so 80s fratty. Keef and Ellyn are just so much energy to the square inch.

Don't Caroline, Sarah, Natalie, and Mary Anne make you wish you went to Camp T? They're just so happy.

Laurel & Allie, and Caroline, Emily, & Mary are so happy too.

Team CILT has mastered the "hips have to touch" photo. Such a happy family a.k.a. the Brat Pack.

I really love the Fazzio sisters. Annie and Ellen are too presh.

This group of CILT girls has really taken to serenading all of camp from the Longhouse porch. They were belting out "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" with such gusto.

I have the best job in the entire world. This is why I love being a CILT girl. Not the eye shadow and potholder headbands, but the friendships with girls like Allie and Lizzy that remind me how much I loved being a camper and why I wanted to become a counselor so many years ago.

This is a group of phenomenal women and I'm so glad that we still have another week together. They love this place so much and it makes me love Camp T even more.

While the Yurt boys played ultimate against the counselors the girls of Theta Kappa Lambda cheered from the sidelines... Then I had to go play sports in my 80s prom dress for a little bit too because I love playin' sports so much.

I love when all of River Village sits down to watch the drama performance of the week. It takes such bravery for these kids to stand up and speak in front of hundreds of people. They are hilarious, future actors, actresses, and You Tube stars in the making.

Many moons ago, about the summer of 2008 Eric and I were CILT counselors for Paige Evans, Noah, Cole, Grant, Page Dorsey, Kevin, Noelle, and Emily Tobin and they're all on staff today. I love that I have known them through so many stages of their camp career. These kids have been part of some of my very favorite camp memories.

Arielle and I got to lead half of campfire in Y-M during the passing out of 4-year bandannas. So. Stressful.

River hip-hop had a wolf shirt performance. Can you say epic?

One of my favorite things about CILTs is that you don't have to say good-bye to your campers after just one week. They get to stay for 7 more days of more laughter, more spontaneous adventures, more best friends, more deep talks in devotions, more memories that will last a lifetime.

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