Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm a big fan of Camp T

We shadowed Day Camp on Tuesday. I LOVE Day Camp day. Karisa was one of my day campers in 2004 and it was so fun watching her play with day campers all day long.

Everyone did such a great job with the kids all day long- it's a sprint of screaming the word of the day, piggy back rides, swim lessons, and song after camp song.

 Marina, one of the coolest kids ever, is at camp this week. She's moved up to Lake Village this year so I don't get to see her as much but I ran into her at the mini-farm. I can't believe she's already a Pathfinder.

And I know that you know what Wednesday is... Wolf Shirts. This trend is growing exponentially. I honestly didn't expect this. Kath was prepared for the week when she arrived. This is our wolf pack family photo.

Yurt boys love wolves.

Counselor girls love wolves.

Day Camp counselors love wolves. Adam loves wolves.

Maggie might be a wolf.

To celebrate the 4th we had a River Village parade/talent show/skit event on the 6th. We loved dancing to American Songs like Party in the U.S.A. and Wavin' Flag as everyone was arriving.

Lilly was a clown on America's Funniest Home Videos. Irene played Helen Keller for American History Icons.

Catawba Toddlers and Tiaras.

Sophie, Bridget and Sarah were... I'm not sure what... but really excited about it.

Every cabin was unique, patriotic, creative, and pretty ridiculous.

I love nights on at camp. Sitting with a random cabin at dinner, working the trading post, sitting in main field with a strawberry fruit bar while talking to a Brave girl or playing sports with the CILTs.

One of my favorite parts of being a CILT counselor is that not only do I get to know all 41 CILTs I also get to know little kids in the Riv. Sarah has been in Molly's cabin for two weeks and she just loves her so much and Molly is so good with her. Lilly is a certified rock star. Like runs across the field to hug you, can catch any fly ball in dodge ball, and tells her cabin, "It's ok, we did pretty well for 4th graders," when they miss questions on trivia night.

I'm a big fan of kickball.

This week I got to meet Olivia and Courtney for the first time in person- they both started reading Overlap this year and know all about me so I kind of feel like we were already friends. They are in Shosho this summer and loving the Camp T life.

Two summers ago on a magical day during lake time, the Lake Challenge was completed for the very first time. I was partners with a Georgia peach named Devon and Eric was buddies with Sam. This week Devon and I teamed up again. We did the blob, paddled canoes, kayaks, beaz boardz and paddle boats, hit the volleyball, went off the rope swing and tube slide, slid down the wet willies, attempted the cargo net, and swam through the shallow end. It was a heart breaker that we just missed the Saturn before lake time finished. I was still proud of the Georgia peach though- she's pretty awesome.


One of the very best parts of week 4 is the fireworks show on Thursday night. All of camp comes to the hill in-front of chapel to watch the show over the Richard G. Marsh lake. It's usually my night off but I always come back and sit with Brave girls because they get the most excited and their faces light up.

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