Thursday, July 21, 2011

CILT girls and beach balls

We only have a few days left of CILTs. Insanity. I initiated a photo shoot before lunch today which more and more girls kept joining. 

Due to the extreme heat and humidity we had an extended rest hour to keep the kids out of the sun. All of the River got pop stop before heading up the hill and through the woods to the best lake time ever.  Olivia even got painted up for the occasion.

And we found Logan Gilman, one of our favorite people ever, visiting for the day and ready to come join in on the fun at the Richard G. The Yurt had just finished their rest hour in the Party Room.

I was greeted by the sounds of "On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me," as I walked up to the hill. Shaina is a rockstar. She was not only participating in the challenge to wear our Undefeated shirts everyday but was somehow also wearing a towel cape in the extreme heat. Kaycee and Jared found creative ways to make shade on such a sunny week.

And even though it was ridiculously hot, like feet burning on the sand hot, it was still one of the best lake times ever. Erin and Kathleen played with their girls in the shallow end. I found some clay zombie monsters.

Eric worked to keep the sand raked in perfectly straight lines.

Arielle, Logan and I sang Justin Bieber, TSwift and Glee with people waiting in the blob lines.

Then Eric showed up with an armful of beach balls--something totally new to lake time. Everyone started blowing them up; great teamwork.

And soon I think there were about 100 beach balls in the shallow end. Kids were diving on them, serving them, floating and bobbing on them.

Someone had the genius idea to start the largest game of shallow end dodge ball ever. Maybe a bit unorganized but so fun.

Then the beach balls started drifting and getting hit into the blob area of the lake and we had to halt the game. The next game was collecting and deflating all of the beach balls which was equally fun when Kraft got everyone to play Cowabunga.

We spent the rest of the best like time ever playing Little Sally Walker, collecting rocks from the bottom, and finding clay for a clay monster.

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