Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I couldn't be more content

Years ago when Noelle was one of my CILT campers we decided to pick out a "really fun looking" Pathfinder girl to be our buddy for the week. We looked for someone at chapel who was smiling with their cabin, doing all of the motions for the songs, and acting really fun. That summer we picked Bridget and sent Village to Village notes to each other all week.

Last year when Bridget was one of my CILTs we picked a new "really fun looking" Pathfinder friend at chapel. We'd seen Rachel around camp earlier in the week and new that she was the definition of fun. We said hi every time we crossed paths and cheered really loud for her when she performed hip-hop in closing campfire.

On Tuesday Rachel and I picked the third installment of the really strange tradition of making friends. Ellie Pearl is our new friend and she definitely fits the criteria for being really fun. We're passing notes and going off of the high dive at pool time together and working on being three best friends.

Tuesday was our last day to shadow Day Camp for the summer. I love the DC staff- they're not only motivated and down right dedicated but creative, kind, passionate, and faithful.

Everywhere you look at Day Camp there are kids laughing, counselors giving piggy-back rides, groups playing games, and excitement pouring out of everyone. 

I love getting to step back into the DC world that was my camp life for two years. I love seeing CILTs like Maddie jump in and have so much fun playing with these kids.

There is so much great counseling and fun going on in this picture.

We got to witness the phenomena of shaving cream cheeto head...

...And played water extravaganza with the Explorers.

Just like clockwork, Wolf Shirt Wednesday arrived again with more friends eager to join the wolfpack.

CILT counselors really love wolves...and being awkward... and taking pictures together.

The CILTs went on a float trip and each canoe of friends was so excited to get out on the Tippecanoe.

These girls were just so fun and hyper and goofy and Russian-accenty today.

At the Annual Dinner the CILTs worked as tour guides and then shared their session's cheer. Hip-hop clinic performed their routine to Friday. Hallie and Lexi shared their story of creating Tecumseh home edition for their little sisters this past year. My favorite part was their self-created clinic "Christian Soul." They taught how to be a Christian back at home. I was floored.

I got to go to the pool with Erin to find her cabin. We sat on the big limestone rocks in the humidity and we were sweating, like we had been all day, but I couldn't be more content sitting their talking with Erin. I love how open she is about life. Others notice the smile on her face, how great she is with campers, and the way she embraces life everyday with her silliness and impressive dance moves. We talked about her cabin, RFAJWD the night before, and what she has been learning at camp this summer.

Back in the Longhouse all of the girls were so hyper and practically bouncing off the walls. I love when everyone is running around between the three cabins and you just know SO much fun is going on. Erin, Emma, Maddie and Kathleen sang their song for us. Then all of the girls made a movie of what might happen if all the counselors disappeared. It was Oscar worthy for sure.

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