Saturday, April 20, 2013

HSE, YL and Camp all in one day

The 8th grade girls gathered at the Coffee Spoon once again for Saturday morning bible study with KCraig and me. Most of them roll out of bed and show up in their sweatpants and sweatshirts. A couple of them are ready to head off to their practices. But they show up. Sometimes that's the most important thing we can do right? Show up and be there. I'm thankful for these girls and the story we're living together and this conversation that just keeps moving and growing and teaching. This is a good place to keep showing up.

In the afternoon Linda, Annie, Mary Ellen, Jenna and I drove up to Chicago to meet up with Sarah Briggs and her mom for a little pre-wedding party. We met in Old Town and found a little Italian restaurant for dinner and then sipped coffee in a French cafe. I was telling the girls at bible study in the morning that I was so excited I would get to spend the day with these people-- they're the kind of people I want to surround myself with.

We all went to an "Everything Chocolate" cooking class together at Delightful Pastries. The seven of us plus another lady named Katie got to learn from Dobra, our Polish chef extraordinaire, in the kitchen.

Dobra taught us that when making flourless chocolate cake the most important thing is to whip air into the sugar and eggs. Next time she'll bring another Kitchenaid to help the process along but tonight we got to take turns with the whisk. Annie makes the best facial expressions.

We made these gorgeous chocolate cakes with a chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse and chocolate truffles. There was just so much chocolate in this place.

Dobra was super candid with us and just made the event so much fun. Although I probably won't be trying any of these recipes at home anytime soon, it was fun to get to do this all together.

It's kind of funny that this wedding that's just about Sarah and Ben means that so many other people get involved and plan all of these activities and adventures. But I'm thankful that in the past few weeks I've gotten to see Sar so much more. She's one of the very best people I know. I can't wait for the big event in just under two weeks!

Before we headed back to Indiana we had to pick up Linda's daughter Maddie and her friends out in La Grange. On the way there it dawned on me that a couple camp girls live close to the house where we were heading so I asked them if there was any way they could get there in a half hour. Ironically they were hanging out with their camp friends and ALL of them showed up at the house. I love spontaneity and taking opportunities and of course showing up so I was thrilled that I got to see all of these girls. Even though it was only about a ten minute visit it was so fun to be together.

I'm so excited for Emily, Katlyn and the rest of these girls that will be CILTing to get to camp this summer. It's going to be such a great year and I can't wait to get to share that experience with them and get to keep getting to know them better.

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