Monday, April 8, 2013

Lists of joy and hope

Spring Break has come to an end and the midwest tour is over. I'm back to Fishers and Indianapolis, 8th graders and sevies, Young Life on Mondays and Wyld Life at the end of the week. Thankfully Spring weather has finally arrived, at least for a few days. I ran outside after school because once it gets warm I become a runner again. Once the time rolled around for kids to show up to Campaigners we had to stay outside. We sang together in the driveway and I loved being back together.

We talked about the joy of the resurrection tonight. About how while we were still sinners Christ died for us and now we get to live life to the full with him. We now live a life of hope and joy, not just happiness, but a joy that's hard to explain. All the girls wrote down a list of the people and places and things where they find hope and joy and then we each shared a few. I love getting to hear what they write down.

I find such hope and joy in getting to live life with all of these kids. It's so cool to look at this group now and see how it's shifting and changing. Some of the people I expected to be here all the time aren't regular attenders and kids I wasn't even aware of before wouldn't miss a week. The best part is that God was already thinking of those girls and guys when this whole thing started, he knew that YL would become a home for them.

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