Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shootin' frying pans and other Michigander adventures

Thursday I got one last morning with Katie, Nick and baby Lincoln. I'm so thankful for my family and the chances I have to hang out with them like this. This will be one of the last times I'm with them before baby #2 comes along. Soon we won't be able to remember a time without him/her but for now we're very happy with the Lincster.

I got dropped off in Holland to meet Tracy, my freshmen roommate at Hope, for lunch. We've been pretty good at seeing each other when I'm back in Michigan and I love that I can still call her such a good friend. I loved laughing over lunch and taking fun pictures on campus and remembering funny things that happened when we were students here. Tracy is still a part of Hope as the Varsity girls' lacrosse coach and is doing big things.

After a coffee date with Shima, Bethie picked me up to take me home. When she saw their neighbor Bill in his yard she thought we ought to stop to say hello. He was working on setting the site on his pellet rifle and immediately asked me if I'd like to shoot it. Of course I took him up on the offer and wasn't half bad. He said I should start going by Annie Oakley.

I introduced the family to Holland's famous Fricano's pizza for dinner before we had the neighbors over for cherry pie. It's fun to get to meet all of these different people that are such a part of my parents' lives here in Holland. They certainly are making this place a home.

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