Monday, April 29, 2013

"One time my mom made me wear makeup for family pictures." -7th grade boy

Today I freaked out in class when I got an email for this summer's CILT counselors. I already knew I'd get to work with Jamie Z and Smooney and was thrilled about the Longhouse. The news that Alex Allison would be our CILT guy counselor is what caused all the excitement. I'm confident that he'll do an incredible job with the guys and that he'll be the perfect addition to this team. I can't wait to work with these three for the summer.
Today I had some interesting conversations and was part of situations I'm not used to. Honestly it makes me feel really nervous to not know what's coming or what to say to make things okay. Everything turned out fine but they each made me think a lot about reacting to people and being transparent. Even when it's difficult I want to be honest with people.


Tonight I got to share community with leaders over brinner and camp lists and introductions and lessons. We met in the basement with all the kids tonight to talk about the lies that we let define us and the words from the bible that speak the truth of who we really are. It reminded me of this song You Are More that we use in devotions at camp. God tells us that we are chosen, made in his image, we are known even down to the hairs on our head, we are more than enough, and he has prepared us for great works. These are great things to be reminded of.

These are good words:

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