Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Funday

Saturday morning KCraig, her kids Alex and Jesse and I met with the 8th grade girls at the Coffee Spoon. I love that the more that this becomes a routine in our weeks, having Christ at the center of their lives is becoming a more routine thing too. I'm continuing to pray for each of these girls that they'll see the possibility of living life to full and be a community that spurs one another on. Can't believe I've only got five more weeks with them before summer. I'll miss them so much next year when they're in HS.

Julia and I wore our matching TSwift concert shirts this morning. Our girl Taylor, what a gem. Still can't believe that we were so close to her last night.

The photo booth pictures got loaded online so I could get the ones of Haleigh and I now. The whole adventure with her was so much fun. I loved every second of it.

Saturday afternoon after cleaning up and going on a run, I met up with Emily, Lauren, Leanne, Rach and her new dog Ernie for a walk on the Monon. It was chilly but good to be outside for a trip to Brics for ice-cream.

I spontaneously decided to join Emily and Sara for the free John McLaughlin and Gavin DeGraw concert downtown on the circle that night. We used our scarves for hats since we forgot our raincoats and umbrellas but it was still fun. I recognized more songs than I thought I would and had fun people watching in the crowd.

When Emily and I went to find a snack we ran into Riley, Carly and Jovie from my Junior High. They were so excited to see me, tell us all about their soccer games this weekend and ask about the Taylor Swift concert.

Gavin DeGraw sang all of his most popular songs and had the whole crowd singing along to "I Don't Want To Be" from One Tree Hill. We also got to witness a couple getting engaged right beside us. I noticed the guy down on his knee and then saw him put the ring on her finger. Only a small group of people realized that it happened but we clapped for them and it was so cute.

I got this message from Allison, one of my friends that leads Young Life in Bloomington, and I thought it was such a cool story:

Imagine the movie breakfast club. I had to substitute teach in-school suspension and everyone started off soooo quiet and all super different and not friends. Then I started asking questions like what their fav thing to do is and what their fav music is and then I made a friendship bracelet for the punk girl Maria and tied it on her wrist and she acted so 'cool' about it but could tell she loved it and then another girl asked to make one so I showed her how and soon enough everyone pulled desks over and we were in one big circle and all talking and laughing and making bracelets. And one kid even said 'omg were actually friends now' (talking about the other kids in ISS) and it was the happiest place ever!!!!!!!!!! FBC SAVES THE DAY....AGAIN!!!!! Seriously FBC is a golden thing. And has the power to break down social barriers. Can't name many other things that do that :) 

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