Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More of Lincoln, Hope and the whole fam

Tuesday morning I got to play with Katie and Linc before heading back to Holland. He wakes up in the morning  and sings in his crib until someone comes to get him. Then he just bops around the house playing and eating and making noises that always sound like, "mamamama."

We met the family for lunch at Good Earth, one of our very favorite Holland spots. I ran into Becca, an old SIB friend, and it was so good to see her. Linc continued to be the main attraction of our lives.

The rest of the day got filled up with Holland shopping with Bethie, working on my new friendship bracelet stockpile, eating dinner with the fam and watching some quality tv before bed.

This morning I went back to campus for chapel part two, this time with the Sibs and ran into old friends Chris and Kristin too. I love coming back to Hope and getting to know these girls who are right in the middle of their college experience. This was a place I loved so much, grew a ton, learned a lot about the world and myself and had so much fun.

Today I got to have coffee at JPs with Becca and Brigid and their new babies Grace and Maggie. Coffee dates are my favorite and it was so fun to get to sit and talk about Sibbie things and learn more about each of these girls.

On this trip I've been happily amazed at how I keep running into old friends. I was just walking down the sidewalk when Allison drove by and pulled over to say hi and then Lindsey walked up. They were YL girls I worked with when I led in college and now they're Hope students. It's so fun to see where they are now.

I love Hope College. I love anchors. I love Dimnent Chapel. I love seeing friends on campus. I love places that feel like home. I love 8th St. I love still making new friends here. I love how some things never change like how Hope people are always so friendly. I love remembering silly things I did here like climbing trees with Lani, riding the hoopdi with Keri, and long boarding with Casey. I love Hope College.

I posted my anchor pic on Instagram and a few hours later I was tagged in this copy cat picture. Andrew, one of my awesome students, is touring colleges with his family this Spring Break. I was so excited when he told me he would be in Holland at some point. I just love this photographic caper with the same caption no less. So fun.

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