Monday, April 11, 2016

"My pastor challenged us to sit for 5 minutes and not think of anything. It was the hardest thing I ever did. In the first 30 seconds I was just thinking about cute boys and food. I never did it again."

The best way to come back to school after a week away-- hanging out with these girls. Everyone shared something awesome that happened over Spring Break and something that they learned. Oh the places they went-- scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, candy kitchen, Dead Sea Salt collecting, Golden Gate Bridge, IKEA, Broadway shows, 4-wheeling. They had some amazing adventures. 

Then we talked about how rare it is to actually hear what people did over break-- we might see their pictures on Instragram or hear it was "good" but not much else. I challenged my girls to ask people about their vacations today and really listen to their stories. They got 1 point for each story they heard, 2 points for each teacher and 3 points for our principal and vice-principal.

"A lot of people were really suspicious of the fact that I seemed genuinely interested in what they were saying," Molly told me. Two girls got up to 26 points by the end of the day!

This afternoon I finally finished all my laundry from Ethiopia, uploaded the rest of the pictures so I can work on the blog posts and ate some more fruit because I'm still so excited about having fresh produce again. 

Every Monday night at YL a family provides dinner for all of the leaders. On the way to the barn tonight I prayed for Olive Garden-- seriously. I walked up the stairs to find garlic breadsticks, tossed salad and creamy fettucini alfredo all from Olive Garden. God answers prayers. 

I was so happy to be back with this Young Life family. Hugs from my freshmen girls, hearing about the Ogan's painting the next layer on the world's largest ball of paint, bonding with Emily Kitchen, Grace's birthday excitement, singing Ryan's new songs. All of the girls stuck together for a giant Campaigners together talking about rest.

Last week I saw Young Life across the globe from so many different angles-- Wyld Life Club, leader training, Young Life Club, staff fellowship and prayer, Discipleship camp in Ethiopia. Now I'm back in Indiana, plugged into Young Life in Fishers still loving kids and loving Jesus. I love being a small part of this global family.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"I go home, get a nap in, and then go to bed."
"I just need to actually put my phone down, stop pinning crap, and actually watch Teen Mom."

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