Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The March Varsity FBC Project: The Rapp Wedding

Varsity FBC is in year two of advanced friendship bracelet making. Our team includes 46 girls from around HSE and across the Midwest. One of my goals for this year is to provide opportunities for these girls to partner together to do small things with great love. Each month I'm going to give them a project where they can make bracelets for a cause. Together we can make a bigger impact than if we were trying to do it on our own.

I first met Hannah and Riley when they were in HS. Hannah went to Carmel, Riley went to Guerin and they both came to Young Life every week. I had the privilege of being one of Hannah's Young Life leaders and building a friendship that would last for years. When they were Seniors I got to see Riley pretend to lead worship at the start of Campaigners but really sing a song he'd written to ask Hannah to Prom.

After they graduated, I recruited Hannah and Riley to be leaders for the first ever HSE Wyld Life trip to Timberwolf Lake. Our YL family loved them right away and they've been leading trips with us ever since. I've led multiple cabins with Hannah and I couldn't find a more positive, calm, intentional, God-loving, enthusiastic friend to do this with.

After they got to know Kathy Craig through HSE YL, Hannah and Riley joined her on two trips to Ethiopia. They were overcome with love for the people of Ethiopia and driven to put their passion into action. They started Jesse G Clothing (named after Kathy's son) which donates profits from clothing back to the community of Lebu.


Last Spring at our end of the year Love Tank night at HSE Campaigners, Hannah and Riley showed up to be with us and write notes to the friends they've made over the years. Little did Hannah know, this was all part of an elaborate plan for Riley to propose. Ryan, Kathy and I read notes about Hannah that Riley had written, then he came up front and spoke about Hannah before taking a knee and asking the question. 

Hannah and Riley will be getting married this summer and I couldn't be more excited. Jesse will be part of their wedding, they'll be surrounded by family and friends and you know there will be one heck of a dance party at the reception. 


Varsity FBC wanted to be part of this celebration too because so many girls know and love Hannah and Riley. We've made bracelets for Hannah, Riley and their entire wedding party, all made in their wedding colors. They may not get worn during the actual ceremony, but hopefully they'll serve as a reminder of Hannah, Riley and the love they share with everyone in their lives. 

Bracelets for the March Project were made by Hannah Devoe, Rachel Kent, Lulu Black, Grace Freund, Julia Dewolf, Sydney Sabbagha, Brooklyn Seagrave, Tori Elliott, Caroline Shumaker, Claire Shumaker, Taylor Pozzebon, Brooke Ratliff, Ellyn Hessong, Hannah Lyon, Sophie Sams, Elise Ruby, Audrey Andritsch, Mollie Krone and Sarah Wright.


  1. What a beautiful beginning to a wonderful life together. Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful beginning to a wonderful life together. Thank you for sharing!