Thursday, April 21, 2016

"Nate-- put away the Rubix cube. Adam-- put away the flashlight."

 Dear FBC,

I love this tiny little tribe. Thank you for showing up, for making bracelets religiously, for being silly and weird, for trying to run like robots, for playing the spoon game like you were Olympic athletes. You're the greatest.

Dear Track team,

Remember when we stood in the rain together? It was worth it to show up and support all of you. Girls in the concession stand-- your sing-a-long to the best of Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana really made my day. The meet may not have happened but at least you got to wear your new giant sweatpants that you can roll up 4 times.

Dear Survivor and Amazing Race,

I can't believe I had stopped watching you for so long. Now I can't get over how much I love both you and switching back and forth between shows every season. Survivor-- I want to search for a hidden immunity idol and compete with a tribe but I just never want to go to Tribal Council. Amazing Race-- Smoon and I are ready for any roadblock, detour, fast forward or speed bump you've got. I think we're destined to win the Amazing Race. Hey Phil-- sign us up!

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