Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Ok wait, I want to guess how many bracelets you've made this year... I'm going to guess really high... Like 50?!"

When ESPN looks back at the sports reel they're always pointing out all the highlights of the game, the stuff you don't want to miss. Little do they know, those sports guys are really talking about the highs of the day. After a tornado watch across Indianapolis the weather cleared and sports teams headed out to their fields and tracks and diamonds for their sporty things. Maddie and I headed to Zionsthrill to take in all the sports.

Maddie and Sar's ESPN Sports Games Highlights:

1. Chik-Fil-A Pre-game Dinner 

2. Walking into the track meet we saw Cal Pal and one of his little brothers. A CILT from Session 1 last summer and a new DC counselor, Cal is the greatest. He promised to stop by the Lax game later.

3. Fall Creek v. Heritage Christian v. Zionsthrill Junior High Track-- Alex Craig is in the house, Brookie Cookie is a champ, Jace and Tylin are BFFs with KCraig, Feldman got her Coke Zero and we cheered for all of our pals.

4. Maggie Big Girl Drake is the greatest-- she's been my go-to for all Zionsthrill spectator super fan opportunities. Mags breaks out the bleacher seats, blankets and sports passes like a champ. We're also not anything but proud about our matching socks with Chacos/Tevas.

5. People always talk about Friday Night Lights, but Thursday Night Lights are where it's really at.

6. Seeing the players after they finished up the game-- Emma Big Girl is our MVP, Annie Leonard gets enthusiasm and I was thrilled to see the Cathedral Lax Stars Katie Swanton, Kate Flynn and Grace Gregor.

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