Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Sensory details are a writing tool we often utilize in the comp world. On this Tecumseh Tuesday I'm thinking about our favorite place through this lens...

Hear: the bell telling you to go into lunch, constant splashing during Lake Time, pop cans popping open in-front of the Trading Post, hum of the carabiner and wind in your ears as you fly across the zipline, 12 different fans spinning at night, pool balls hitting each other on the carpet ball table, thwack of the jump rope slapping the pavement outside of the Lodge

Taste: sweet and sugary freez-e pops from the nurses, orange push-pops for lunch dessert, apples from the bowl in the dining halls, camper's snacks like Goldfish and Twizzlers, bags of salty yellow nacho chips, heaping bowl of strawberries at the yogurt bar, brown sugar on top of Baked Oatmeal

Smell: clouds of bug spray in the Opening Campfire ring, sweaty LV boys after Ultimate Frisbee clinic, fried chicken on country hoe down night, hobo dinners cooking in the Pine Forest, mildew on towels left in the cabin, chlorine soaked pool noodles, sunscreen slathered on Brave girls

See: a mob of kids swarming the cereal cart, cabins stampeding across Main Field at the start of Gold Rush, stars that shine brighter than anywhere else, candles flickering during devotions, light coming through the trees of the Green Cathedral, kids jump into the Gaga pit at the start of a new game, neon plastic gymp, bronze woman statues, day campers playing tag on Ft. Disco

Touch: knotted friendship bracelet string, chickens feathers during Chicken Round-Up, tightened harness for the Skywalkers course, clay under the sand in the shallow end of the lake, Torchbearer candle dripping wax, stack of packages and letters delivered before rest hour, blank Parent Letter paper

Megalien is nuts and crazy and weird and bold and independent and gutsy and I'm such a fan. Thankful for time to catch up with her today and share life together.

When I saw Justin's fiesta with friends on Insta this afternoon I couldn't help but copy him when I had a fiesta with my friends tonight. God bless guacamole, queso and chips.

Maddie gathered together quite the crew tonight-- she's the party planner that makes things happen. I love any event that involves Cami, Maddie, Hools, Meg and Lucy.

Remember those old games in kids magazines when you had to spot the difference between two pictures? Can you find the difference between the picture above and the picture below?

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"Your name is Megan? I thought it was Kaylee."
"Is your password still dogs?" "No. It's cows."

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