Friday, April 22, 2016

"He looks like a bag of granola." CLER Vision

Meet Rachel and Chloe. They're two of my favorite humans. I've known each of them since they were 7th graders and I can't say enough great things about them. One thing they share is a passion to travel the world with a mission focus. They're both preparing to go on grand adventures in the next few months and have a lot of money to raise before they leave. 

Earlier this year they were approached by another friend named Lauren. She's another Jesus lover and great explorer. She had an idea. What if Chloe, Lauren, Esmerelda (another friend) and Rachel all teamed up to join creative forces and raise money for all of their trips together. They ended up calling their efforts CLER Vision and have been working on projects ever since.

This year, because of these girls, we've gone to Chik-fil-a, bought t-shirts, gone to an open mic night at Mama Bear's and now this craft fair. 

There were tables full of different crafts that Lauren (and a few other friends) had made for this event. It's obvious that she had devoted an enormous amount of time into making this a success.

I walked away with these four beauties and I freaking love them all. As a crafter myself, I love finding treasures like these that are totally my style but might be difficult for me to duplicate on my own. These will immediately find a spot on the wall collages of art and pictures at home. 

I left CLER Vision with Cami, Samone, little brother Luke and cousin Caroline to go eat dinner at Chipotle. You can't have a bad time at Chipotle but this pair made it even more entertaining than usual.

p.s. I visited Wellness during 2nd period today and got to hang out with the gal pals Lauren and Haley. They let me play DJ so we were filling the gym with the musical gifts of Wannabe, Sk8r Boi, Everybody (Backstreet's Back), Baby and This is real, this is me. We really love Fridays.

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