Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This morning at chapel we tried a new skit. We based it around this picture that we've all seen..

...and how no one we know actually connects to God or Jesus picturing him like this.

This God that we love can show up anywhere. We talked about how we see him through our friends and our conversations with them. People see him in nature--the tall green trees here at camp, the stars at night that shine so bright, and the lake at night. Lately I've been connecting to God through this blog- thinking about what I'm going to write about during the day, remembering key conversations, purposefully spending time with people I care about. My friend connects to God through playing his guitar and just singing by himself. Tonight another friend told me that she experiences God in her car when she's listening to klove and a certain song comes up- I can relate to that.

How cool that this God can show up in so many different ways.
Tonight I saw him through this group of women as we talked about beauty.

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