Thursday, June 24, 2010

heart to hearts

I've been listening and talking a lot in the past couple days.
I have heard some things that break my heart. I have prayed with friends and sat on porches till late into the night and we have cried a bit and hugged often.

And I'm re-learning that it is so true that everyone you meet is fighting a great battle. We all can seem to have it all together.
But no one's life is perfect and you can never really guess what type of world people are living in. Sometimes life is really hard and messy and sad and scary.

But I know that even though life is sometimes all those bad things, I love a God that is always waiting with open arms. I know a God that cares about us more than we can possibly imagine. This God will never leave us, he always wants the best for us, and he is sad right along with us.

And with all of that, I'm trying to remember how important it is to treat everyone with love and grace for we never know what battle they're fighting. And with that kindness we may bring hope to someone who has given up or companionship to someone who feels alone or we may be able to shine a bit of the love of the God who so loves us.

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