Saturday, June 12, 2010

Top 10...

Top 10 Reasons I Loved Camp T the past 2 Days

1. Before lunch my friends took turns impersonating more camp friends and guessing who it was. It was hilarious and it made me really thankful to be back with these people and miss friends who couldn't return.

2. I participated in a game called Gumdrop Mountain and got to be the Queen. My team won. I miss being able to play camp games like this because I'm usually the counselor leading it. This was a special treat.

3. Getting under the porch just before a downpour began, I got to sit on a carpetball table and watch the rain with friends.

4. Last night I sat in a devotion circle with the other women of my cabin. We went around the circle and each said what we love about the other people. I wish that this was something we did more often. I think it's incredibly valuable to tell people why you appreciate them but we don't often make the time to do it. I was talking to my friend Arielle about how strange it is to sit and hear people say those kind things about you. We feel uncomfortable and sometimes start to tear up and are relieved when it passes to the next person-I'm not sure why we feel that way...

5. One of the highlights of staff training is the Touchstone Energy Dance Party. The Touchstone group of leaders and about 80 kids brings in a DJ for Friday night. This dance party is epic. People wear tennis shoes, white t-shirts (b/c you don't want people to see your sweat), and athletic shorts in preparation. We sweat more than we would if we were running a marathon on the fourth of July. I witnessed my fellow counselors dancing to everything from Justin Beiber to Kesha to Rihanna to Cotton Eyed Joe to Journey. This lasted till 1 IN THE MORNING (I had to quit at quarter till).

6. My friends Brit and Libby came to the before mentioned dance party in Tutus. This was absolutely acceptable.

7. I moved into the cabin I'll be living in for 7 weeks. I'm in Choctaw in the same bed for the third summer in a row. I love how I feel like I'm moving back home.

8. There was a tornado warning today and the sirens were going off at camp so I ended up in my basement with four of my friends. We sat on the basement floor in the midst of the piles of stuff down there and watched the Bachelorette. We love Kirk and the guy from Cape Cod. Weatherman keeps us entertained but he really needs to go home.

9. I was sitting on my couch and all of sudden I saw someone running onto my porch and banging on our glass door. My friend Emily ran across camp to come get me. There was a HUGE VIBRANT rainbow totally covering camp. It was incredible.
My camera couldn't capture the whole thing.

10. Anticipation is one of my favorite things. Tomorrow camp starts. Tomorrow hundreds of kids who have been counting down all year will move into our cabins. Tomorrow some of my favorite campers will return and I can't wait to see them. Oh goodness. This is going to be a great summer.

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