Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Totes. Magotes.

"Wake up in the morning feeling like a CILT..." and the rest of our cheer can be heard echoing through the Tecumseh plains. A favorite line is, "we're leaders, not cheaters, you love us more than Justin Bieber."
I love how quickly people become your friends at camp. I love how quickly you find out all the things you have in common. I love how quickly you become a family. I love how people are pushed and encouraged to be the best versions of themselves here. I love that God is so very present in every day.

As camp has kicked off week 1 I can unfortunately no longer post as often although I don't want to quit this blogging-hobby yet. Two days ago I met the 42 campers of Session 1 2010. Let me tell you, they have already exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to see what the next two weeks will hold.

I get to work with these kids all morning. Today after chapel we went to the leadership center to practice our team-building with some mouse traps. (Trust me it's cool) At lunch we performed our cheer for the first time and I was so proud.

In the afternoon my campers go hang out with their adopt-a-cabins of younger kids. With my campers out "adopting" I follow them around to observe and play with all the little kids too. Today I went on a mud hike with Warriors, did some friendship bracelets with Catawba cabin, and tried to finish the pool challenge with two Brave girls, Leonie and Alex.
Yes, I get the best of both worlds- it's a sweet deal. Already I see such potential in these CILTs and know that there are so many future all-star counselors in this group.


  1. I am obsessed with Ke$ha. I think she needs to be involved in the CILT cheers throughout the rest of the summer. While Tik Tok is clearly amazing, I think Your Love is My Drug needs to be a staple of the next session. As far as camp is concerned... your life sounds so fun!!! I miss it :)

  2. Oh noes... Kesha @ camp...? In the days of Squirt, this would not fly. Je deteste Kesha and the ideas she's putting in kids' heads.

  3. Sarah! I gave you award on my book blog :)