Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bo's Backyard Cookin'

Only at camp do I so sincerely love venturing out into the woods with four milk crates filled with food, building a campfire and six mini-fires, sitting on log benches, telling weird stories, and appreciating being right in the middle of a great pine forest.

This is bug juice. It's juice... made of bugs.

These are carrots (I'm guessing you would have known that.)

These are potatoes.

These are made with soy-peanut butter.

Usually we run out of ketchup and mustard but today we had so much!

These are frozen hamburger patties.

This is a hobo dinner.

This is an apple themed hobo dinner.


  1. the hobo looks more than delish... the apple hobo looks nast.. dont ever feed me that.

  2. I agree with lily, the apple hobo scares me!