Saturday, June 5, 2010

these girls

This morning I met with Allison,



and Dom

to drink coffee, tell our stories of the last few days, and say bye for the summer. I don't like saying good-bye to people. I really wish all my favorites could live in one place so we could see each other everyday. I understand that these changes have to happen and that they're good because we experience new things and grow and change and meet people and blah, blah, blah. But today I just plain didn't like driving away from that Starbucks and knowing I wouldn't see these friends for a very long time.

"The best part of the last couple of days is that there has been such an atmosphere of everyone being up for anything, no "too cool" attitudes whatsoever, and everyone just thriving off each other's creative, adventurous minds! This is what life's about. Loving & sharing & taking life less seriously & giving & laughing & playing & living as though heaven were on Earth & embracing our inner youth. Spread the joy. Show the love. Pass it forward." -these girls

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